27 Things You Discover When You Get A Cat

    So much shade in such a small body.

    1. First thing's first... you don't own the cat, the cat owns you.

    2. Once you adopt your cat/kitten, you will never want to stop taking pictures.

    3. But just when your cat does look really cute, it turns into a demon once you try to take a picture.

    4. Sometimes your cat will throw so much shade at you for no reason.

    5. Cats on glass tables will never stop being amazingly cute.

    6. In fact, odds are, capturing this rare occurrence on film will become the best part of your day.

    7. Your cat will stare into an empty hallway or room in your house, and you will convince yourself there's a ghost.

    8. Your cat will make you feel like you don't matter by staring at something much more "interesting."

    9. Taking your cat to the vet is much harder than it seems, because cats hate carriers.

    10. If you open a book, magazine, or laptop, your cat will come over. It will immediately lie on it.

    11. Your cat may or may not jump on your face in the middle of the night thinking you're some kind of prey.

    12. When your cat's pupils get big, it's not that they want to look cute, it's that they want TO KILL YOU.

    13. When you're packing for a trip, your cat will beg to go with you by getting in your suitcase.

    14. Cats love ruining rolls of toilet paper.

    15. Your cat will watch you do chores, and will judge you the whole time.

    16. And laundry is its favorite chore to oversee.

    17. At times, you will panic because you can't find your cat and think it's dead, only for it to show up in the most random hiding spot.

    18. If their bowl is semi-empty, they will complain by meowing loudly and hating everything about you.

    19. This means they're content and stretching.

    20. Cats get fat so incredibly easily.

    21. One reason being they actually eat people food.

    22. And for some reason, they think they're much smaller than in reality.

    23. Your cat will knock over things and give ZERO shits.

    24. And it will throw up just because, and just look at you, waiting for you to clean it.

    25. But cats do know how to rock a Halloween costume and look amazingly cute in it.

    26. And they're the perfect snuggly accessory.

    27. But really, you love their sass and shade because it prepares you for the real world.

    All hail cats, no matter how strange they may be!

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