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2015's Best News Bloopers Are Here And They're Out Of Control

It's the best time of the year.

There's nothing like looking back at how eventful your year was during the holidays, but let's not forget the best memories of all: news bloopers. Here are some of the best news flubs of 2015.

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1. When this guy scared the living crap out of this reporter:

2. That time this anchor had the classic f-bomb slip:

3. When this reporter knew the secret to Amazon's success:

4. When Sarah Kustok turned into a complete derp trying to interview Brook Lopez:


5. When this guy just wanted a "piece of burger" from Burger King:

6. That time a news reporter made a small child break down over the devastation that was the first day of school:


7. When this owl tried to keep all her shit together:

8. That time good ol' Mitch English got to witness a morning sesh between two lovers:

9. When this field reporter LOST EVERYTHING while being attacked by cicadas:

10. When this anchor couldn't handle this tarantula and the abnormally large size of this frog:

11. That one time Cave Creek, Arizona, was hotter than hell:

12. When this Nickelodeon Santa man (educated guess) didn't know he was live and attempted to order a fish sandwich:

13. When this lady tried to do the splits and couldn't get up:

14. When a suspect in a sexual assault case looked a lot like Obama:

15. That time this anchor had a complete meltdown after hearing about the Kardashians:

16. And then when Bill Murray fell out of a chair:

Here's to 2016 and local news never changing!

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