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19 Ridiculous Customers Anyone Who Works In Retail Has Encountered

It's hard out there for a retail worker.

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1. The Meddling Youths


Culprit description: They stroll in and start touching everything, find a crude meaning in otherwise nonsexual objects, scream at nothing, and overall wreak havoc on the store.

2. The Fitting Room Partiers


Culprit description: Their job is to transform quiet dressing rooms into clubs, after spending HOURS in them. They only rely on their friends for help and making decisions, and treat you like you've got an invisibility cloak on.

3. The Giver, NOT The Taker

Universal Pictures

Culprit description: They ask for different sizes in everything they try on, ultimately resulting in not buying anything.

4. The Chronic Questioner


Culprit description: They ask you and other customers questions about how they look and want "completely honest" answers.

5. The Insane Sales Fighter / Via

Culprit description: Usually elusive before the semi-annual sale, this customer takes a "gloves-off" approach to markdowns, and nothing can get in their way, not even you.

6. The Child from Hell

TLC / Via

Culprit Description: Uncontrollable, crass, and clinically insane, this child will poop, cry, or throw merch on the ground for attention.

7. And The Overworked Parent


Culprit description: This mom or dad has clearly reached the point of no return with their child, and has abandoned all hope for a peaceful shopping day out. The whole time you just want to hand them a Xanax.

8. The Barterer

Oxygen / Via

Culprit description: If an item is on sale, to them, it can be marked down even more or they won't buy it. They act like you can actually cut them a deal. Bye.

9. The Disgruntled Returner


Culprit description: From the moment they walk in, they have grown a new disdain for your store. It then is amplified by the fact that you can only give them store credit. That's when shit really hits the fan.

10. The Squeezer


Culprit description: Just so they can say they're a certain size, they will do anything possible to cram themselves in a dress or pair of jeans that is way too small, and then ask you how they look.

11. The Examiner


Culprit description: Every stitch and fiber must be in its place, or they won't be paying full price, or they better get another garment just like it in immaculate condition.

12. The Complainer

Columbia Pictures

Culprit description: Everything they try on, no matter how big or small the person is, will have something wrong with it that makes them "look bad." Their comments are clearly heard across the store.

13. The Horrible Shoplifter / Via

Culprit description: Their criminal efforts are valiant, but they're so bad at it, it's just fun to watch.

14. The Remote Gabber


Culprit description: Although not seen in stores, this person will call you asking if you have multiple products, and they don't skimp on description. Meanwhile, you have a dozen other customers waiting in line.

15. The One Who Has No Idea What a Hanger Is

Warner Bros. Pictures

Culprit description: They try on EVERYTHING and buy NOTHING, but as a parting gift, you get to hang up each and every item they left on the floor.

16. The Walker and Talker

Cartoon Network

Culprit description: Their phone might as well be part of their body, because once they look up from texting, they're talking on the phone. You then deal with the awkwardness of trying to help them and not interrupt.

17. The Entitled One

E! / Via

Culprit description: They know what they want, and your input isn't it. You are strictly their servant to them.

18. The Shopaholic


Culprit description: Every single sales associate knows this shopper, and your monthly commission will be made when he or she walks in out of the blue. They will buy anything and everything.

19. And finally, The Perfect Customer


Culprit description: This person is kind, polite, sincere, and knows how to hang things back up. They're level-headed, appreciative, and willing to work with you, and ultimately make your job worth it.

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