21 Inspiring Quotes Every Woman Needs In Her Life

Who run the world?

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She told the Guardian in 2013.

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The Feminist hero is know for saying this in the 1970s.

3. Emma Stone

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The actress told this to YouBeauty.com in 2011.

4. Beyoncé

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The singer revealed this to British Vogue in 2013.

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The previous Prime Minister said this in her infamous speech during The National Union of Townswomen’s Guilds Conference in 1965.

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The politician said this during her Democratic National Convention Address in 1988.

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The Supreme Court Associate Justice told the New York Times this in 2009.

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During one of her infamous SNL moments, Fey mentioned this when talking about Hillary Clinton.

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This quote stems from “Three Guineas” in 1938.

10. Maya Angelou

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This is one of the many gems of wisdom from the late author.

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Smithsonian referenced this quote in 2012 in celebration of her birthday.

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This quote is one of the many from the aviator.

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While promoting her album “I’m Not Dead,” the singer told this to The Early Show.

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During the 2010 Brazil elections, the politician said this in her groundbreaking speech.

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The politician said this during an interview with Elle magazine.

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This is one of the many quotes from the gold medal US athlete.

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She said this in an interview with Seventeen magazine in 2011.

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Brontë wrote this in the literary classic Jane Erye.

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The comedian said this in a speech given at a women’s gala in 2014.

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The philanthropist said this in a speech at the Powerful Voices Annual Luncheon in 2003.

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The innovative architect and Pritzker Architecture Prize winner said this to Interview magazine in 2012.

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