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    29 Essentials For Throwing A Totally Awesome '90s Party

    A guide to the ultimate throwback bash.

    Bard Sandemose / Shutterstock

    1. Send out bright and catchy invites.

    If you don't feel like mailing them, just scan one and send it via email or upload it to a Facebook event. Get some inspiration here.

    2. String together some fortune teller garland.

    Bring back your relationship anxiety and paper folding skills with these fortune tellers. See how to make it here.

    3. Create a splatter paint photo booth.

    Tape together three sheets of white butcher paper, and throw on some neon paint. See the full tutorial here.

    4. Make some fun props.

    Bring your Lipsmackers and Snap bracelets back to life. Draw your favorite items from the '90s and glue them onto wooden sticks. You can even buy these here.

    5. Don't forget to try and take pictures with a Polaroid.

    Flickr: martinaphotography / Via Creative Commons

    Because there's nothing better than the false hope of thinking shaking a polaroid would make it develop faster. You can find them on eBay, Urban Outfitters, or your local craft store.

    6. Use VHS tapes as risers.

    You can find these at garage sales or even thrift stores. Just use a paintbrush to spread glue along the sides, then sprinkle glitter on top. If you can't find those coveted orange Nickelodeon tapes, glue your shame away with orange glitter.

    7. Create a fun guest book with milky pens and black scrapbook paper.

    There's nothing like the coolness you felt when you collected more gel pens.

    8. Turn an old canvas backpack into a floral centerpiece for the table.

    Find a small bright backpack and paint fun '90s shapes on it. Then put your favorite flowers inside. See more details here.

    9. Spray paint cassettes to make smaller floral arrangements.

    See this simple DIY here.

    10. Create a '90s banner with your favorite catch phrases.

    Cover your walls in "As ifs," "Booyahs," and whatever cheesy slang you can think of. You can buy banners like this here or DIY them by cutting out letters and gluing them to twine.

    11. Spray paint an old boombox.

    It may be hard to find one of these, but thrift stores should have them in stock!

    12. Create the coveted Aggro Crag trophy for the best costume.

    Coveted doesn't even come close to describe the glowing green beauty. Just spray paint, cut, and glue styrofoam into the shape of the prize.

    13. Don't forget your favorite games from the '90s!

    Hook up an N64 to get your Mario Kart going, play Mad Libs, and even DIY your own Twister set here.

    14. Fruity Pebble Donuts / Via

    There was nothing like the Fruity Pebbles sugar rush. Relive those memories and find out how to make them here.

    15. Homemade Hot Pockets

    Make these gooey treats with their "crispy tender flaky crusts" yourself using this recipe.

    16. The Nickelodeon Slime Cake

    Nickelodeon / Via

    THE NICKELODEON SLIME CAKE found in the original Nickelodeon magazine can still be made. Fulfill your childhood dream by finally baking the slime cake. Now, you don't have to ask your mom's permission first. See the full recipe here.

    17. Homemade Bagel Bites

    See how to create an old favorite with a fresh twist here.

    18. Dunkaroo Funfetti Dip

    Dunkaroos: the snack that many of our moms wouldn't let us have. Learn how to create the dip here, then add some animal cookies or crackers. Now you can have all you desire.

    19. Put your favorite candy from the '90s around the table and in clear jars.

    Ring Pops, Baby Bottle Pops, Hubba Bubba. They're worth the potential cavity.

    20. Pop Rocks Cocktail

    Pop rocks + alcohol, can it get any better as an adult? Learn how to make this colorful drink here.

    21. The Nicke-loaded cocktail

    Sing this song every time you make the drink. Mix up an orange cocktail that reminds you of Nickelodeon back in the day. Find the recipe here.

    22. Blow Pop Jello Shots

    It's Blow Pop for adults! See recipe here.

    23. Capri Sun Cocktails / Via

    There was nothing better to quench your thirst as a kid. Learn how to make the adult version of the ultimate '90s drink here.

    24. Big Lebowski White Russian

    Channel your inner Dude with this classic. Find out how to make this one here.

    25. Grab some scrunchies, neon colors, and denim to rock the signature '90s look.

    26. Channel your inner Fresh Prince.

    You'd have to master the Carlton dance moves beforehand. Thrift shops are your friend in this situation.

    27. Throw on all your preppy clothes and be Cher from Clueless. Be sure to find your Dionne.

    28. Get some flannel, tees, and trucker hats to be Garth and Wayne.

    29. ... Or you could go all out like Katy Perry.

    Now keep calm and party on, dudes.