Camila Munayki Writer, visual artist, blogger. Transgender, Two-Spirit, Native. I used to be an undocumented immigrant.
    • Camila Munayki

      This is a PROVOKED crisis by elitist, right-wing opposition groups that have lost 17 democratic elections in 15 years of successful socialist Chavismo. These groups have created an internal crisis and intend to force a coup and a U.S. military invasion.  This link makes it look like these violent protests were created by students, but it’s supported with funds, intelligence and logistic from the U.S. Dep. of State and CIA. Fuerza Venezuela!. Here are two great analysis of what’s really happening in Venezuela: And this one:
      Remember what John McCain said this week (NBC deleted the interview): “It’s necessary to be prepared with a military force to enter and grant peace in #Venezuela and, above all, to ensure and protect the flow of oil to the United States, securing for these strategic resources and ensuring our global interests. […] We must create a regional military force to defend the interests of our country,”

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