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11 Definitive Reasons Bill Maher Should #FlipADistrict In Colorado

Bill Maher plans to pick one congressional district to flip this Fall. Here are 11 reasons Colorado Congressman Mike Coffman should win.

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3. He Hates Gays (And Their Weddings) / Via

First he voted to keep that terrible Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy that kept LGBT people from serving openly in the military. Then when we finally got rid of DADT, he worked to ban gay weddings from military facilities. Mike Coffman hates gay weddings. Come on!

4. This Birth Control Brain Fart

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ProgressNow Colorado / Via YouTube

Two simple words: Birth. Control. They really shouldn't be *that* hard to remember.

Seriously, watch the video. It's amazing.

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9News / Via YouTube


Dan (Caplis of 630 KHOW radio show), I would deeply appreciate it if, during your show, you could state that I wanted to make sure that my position was clear, unequivocally, that I oppose abortion in all cases of rape and incest. I believe that all life is equally sacred irregardless of how it came into being.

9. He's *That* English-Only Guy

Univision / Via

Coffman thinks ballots should be printed in English only. His response to voters who don't speak English as a first language? "They ought to pull out a dictionary." Did we mention his district has a LARGE Hispanic population?

Rep. Mike Coffman, another Colorado Republican, said: "Climate change is naturally occurring. What influence do we have over that, we certainly need to look into, but that's subject to debate."

11. He Hangs Around With the Wrong Crowd

Mike Coffman and his BFF Tom Tancredo. Tancredo is the former presidential candidate best known as the guy who said that President Obama is a greater threat to the US than Al-Qaeda, that the US should bomb Mecca, and referred to the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sontamayor as part of "a Latino KKK".

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