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Let's Play Aprils Fools Or Not: Colorado State Legislature Edition

Here's a fun little game in honor of April Fools Day. Try to guess which statements from Colorado state legislators are real and which ones are made up for April Fools Day.

caltrider • 4 years ago

Why Won't Hulu Air An Ad By A Rape Survivor?

This week Hulu refused to air an ad by a rape survivor opposing Colorado’s Amendment 67. Amendment 67 would ban abortion, emergency contraception, and common forms of birth control. Now there is a campaign to demand that #HuluLetHerSpeak and run the rape survivor’s story.

caltrider • 4 years ago

11 Definitive Reasons Bill Maher Should #FlipADistrict In Colorado

Bill Maher plans to pick one congressional district to flip this Fall. Here are 11 reasons Colorado Congressman Mike Coffman should win.

caltrider • 5 years ago

6 Reasons To Vote In Colorado's Recall Elections

In Colorado, a bunch of gun rights fanatics are trying to recall a couple of state Senators because they had the audacity to support common sense gun safety laws and stand up to the big gun lobby. Here's 6 reasons to get out and vote by September 10th.

caltrider • 6 years ago

12 Things Colorado Women Know That You Don't

Colorado's 2013 Legislative Session is in the books, er, I mean binders.

caltrider • 6 years ago