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This Father's Day, I'm Honoring My Dad With A Post On BuzzFeed

The following are just 25 reasons why my dad is hella rad

1. He always knows how to make people laugh

2. But he's not afraid to be a parent when he needs to

3. He's always up for some adventure

4. And he probably has a degree in photobombing

5. He's full of surprises

6. And he knows how to have a good time

7. He rocked a mean mullet in high school

Business in the front, party in the back.

8. And although he and I often bash heads politically...

9. It's mostly just good banter

10. He's tries to keep up to date with technology

Look at that dinosaur...

11. If not always in the best way

12. He's hilariously random

13. And he's his kids' best teacher

14. He's always done his best to protect us

15. And comfort us

16. He's been there for the big moments

From baptisms...

My dad made GIFS of my graduation 😅

To graduations...

17. And the small ones

18. And he keeps up with our interests


19. We have inside jokes

20. And he lets us know he's proud to be our dad

The morning my mom and newborn baby brother returned home from the hospital

21. He's a kid at heart

Doing the word search on a kid's meu

22. And a fantastic husband

23. So he's set some pretty high standards for his daughters' boyfriends

24. But what he's the very best at...

25. Is being our father

Happy Father's Day, Dad!





and Sam.

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