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21 Questions Australians Have For American High School Students

What's the deal with prom?

1. Do you really have no uniforms?

ABC Family

That seems kind of weird – how do you tell students from random people?

2. Is it really hard to pick what you're going to wear each day?

Disney Channel

The perks of having a school uniform is NEVER HAVING THIS ISSUE.

3. Do only posh kids wear uniforms?

The CW

Does that mean pretty much everyone in Australia is posh?

4. Does everyone have to dissect a frog at some point?


5. Are all cheerleaders sassy and popular?

Universal Pictures

Or was Bring It On just one big lie?

6. Do people actually wear heels to school?

Paramount Pictures

7. What are glee clubs REALLY like?


8. Does every student really sit in the cafeteria together?

Universal Pictures

9. And why does your cafeteria food look so gross?

What's For School Lunch? / Via

You should really take a leaf out of Australia's book.

10. Do you know at least one famous person who has attended your school?

Imgur / Via

11. Are yellow school buses actually a thing?

Paramount Pictures

12. Do you have a school anthem you have to sing?

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Because that's totally a thing in Australia.

13. Does everyone panic when they think about college?


It seems like you can get accepted to one only if you're really rich or score a scholarship.

14. Why are proms such a big deal?

United Artists

And why do you seem to care so much about prom king and queen?

15. What's with middle school vs. high school?

20th Century Fox

Why not just have one big school?

16. Are lockers actually a thing?

Disney Channel

And do kids really get shoved into them?

17. Are your school dances as fun as they look?

Paramount Pictures

18. Can every school kid name all 50 states?

Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

Or are you all just as talented as we are when it comes to labelling things?

19. Are all high school romances dramatic and complicated?


It seems like every teenager just falls madly in love at some point.

20. Can you actually be given Saturday detention?

Universal Pictures

Is that even legal?

21. Finally, do you hate how high school students are depicted on screen?

Paramount Pictures

Because it causes other countries to ask you weird questions?

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