42 Things That Would Have Been Very Different If "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Were Set In Australia

    Onya Buffy.

    1. Buffy would originally be from Sydney.

    2. Instead of being in Sunnydale, the Hellmouth would actually be in some small New South Wales town like Wagga Wagga, Griffith or Broken Hill.

    3. Because it's Australia, there would be no cheerleading team.

    4. So Buffy would just sign up for netball.

    5. And Cordelia would be the captain of the netball team.

    6. There would be no cute outfits on weekdays because every Aussie school kid has to wear uniforms.

    7. But Buffy would still wear her signature cross necklace to school.

    8. And people would probably assume she went to a Catholic school instead of a public one.

    9. She'd also get detention for wearing her black boots.

    10. Because of how damn sunny it is, it'd be easy to spot the vampires from the tanned civilians.

    11. And they'd probably all just melt to death anyway.

    12. Cordelia would call everyone a "moll".

    13. Xander would take up surfing to try and impress the ladies.

    14. He would be terrible at it.

    15. Oz's band name, Dingoes Ate My Baby, would be WAY more offensive.

    16. Oz would exclusively listen to Triple J.

    17. And he'd also try and get his band on the station.

    18. He'd love Silverchair and Powderfinger.

    19. Because of the heat, Giles wouldn't be able to wear his signature suits.

    20 He'd constantly talk about how "bloody hot" it is.

    21. And the Scooby Gang would affectionately call him a pom.

    22. Students would only come to Giles' library to use the free internet and look at Dolly magazines.

    23. Buffy would have a poster of Drazic from Heartbreak High in her bedroom.

    24. There would definitely be a bizarre plot about drop bears.

    25. Or emus because they're actually pretty frightening.

    26. Instead of going to The Bronze, everyone would hang out at the local pub.

    27. And because the drinking age is 18, the whole Scooby Gang would be able to enjoy beer a lot sooner.

    28. Which means the episode "Beer Bad" would have happened earlier.

    29. And it would have been titled "Bad VB".

    30. Willow would take advanced English and maths.

    31. She wouldn't be able to wear her cute fluffy jumpers due to the heat.

    32. But she'd still rock denim overalls.

    33. She'd work at Dymocks bookstore.

    34. And would look at books related to witchcraft during quiet periods.

    35. She'd also repeatedly rent The Craft at Video Ezy.

    36. Cordelia would work at Sportsgirl.

    37. And she'd only date AFL players.

    38. Buffy would eventually get accepted into the university of her choice.

    39. But because of her slayer duties she'd have to decline.

    40. So she'd end up working at McDonald's and going to the local TAFE.

    41. Jessica Mauboy, Caitlin Stasey and The Veronicas would all turn from potentials into slayers.

    42. And finally, they would all help Buffy close the Australian Hellmouth.

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