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This Drag Queen Brought Your Favourite '90s Characters To Life

From Eliza Thornberry to Daria, your childhood is about to come back.

Drag queen and former RuPaul's Drag Race contestant Phi Phi O'Hara has been showcasing the most amazing '90s costumes on her Instagram.

She completely nailed Eliza Thornberry...

...brought your nightmares to life with this perfect HIM cosplay from The Powerpuff Girls...

...and went back in time to those classic Nickelodeon days as Cynthia from Rugrats.

Phi Phi told BuzzFeed she planned each look two weeks in advance.

"Luckily most of the characters wear normal clothing, so that was fairly easy."

Oblina was a personal favourite for Phi Phi, thanks to her odd shape and the difficulty involved in bringing her to life.

The '90s costumes are part of "365 Days of Drag," a daily series that Phi Phi created to challenge herself.

"I wanted to push myself into creating some amazing and creative characters."

She also has an incredible My Little Pony series that will both delight and frighten you.