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Journalist Is "Beyond Distraught" After Rebel Wilson Called Her "Scum" On Twitter

Rebel tweeted an image of the journalist to over 2 million people.

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On Sunday, Rebel Wilson shared an image of a journalist she claims harassed her grandmother. She labelled the woman in the photograph, Elizabeth Wilson, "total scum."

I am fiercely rejecting the allegations that have been made against me regarding the harassment of Rebel Wilson's grandmother. I have never ever harassed anybody, let alone an elderly grandma who is one of the nicest people I've ever spoken to.
I'm just not coping very well with this... I am beyond distraught that this has happened and that Rebel Wilson has made these false allegations... I can't believe she can just say these things on social media. It's a very dark world. Especially since I have no real way to defend myself.