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    Sarah Michelle Gellar's Tweet To David Boreanaz Is Everything For "Buffy" Fans

    Sorry Spuffy shippers.

    Film star, slayer and all around badass Sarah Michelle Gellar recently turned 38.

    Macey J. Foronda / Via BuzzFeed

    And she still looks beautiful as ever.

    The mother-of-two appeared to have a great day and even rocked a birthday crown.

    And while she received plenty of birthday wishes, one former co-star made Buffy fans squeal with joy.

    Happy Bday @SarahMGellar Hope the day is full of laughter and Love.


    The WB / Via

    And of course, the actress responded with the cutest thing ever.

    @David_Boreanaz thank you for thinking of me today 💋 always my #angel

    Via Twitter: @SarahMGellar

    The Buffy fandom felt ALL the feels.

    @David_Boreanaz @SarahMGellar Getting "Buffy" feels right now.

    ... Especially the Bangel shippers.

    @David_Boreanaz @SarahMGellar Bangel 4ever...<3

    But mostly it was just a sweet moment.

    @SarahMGellar @David_Boreanaz THE FEELS!❤️😭❤️

    Angel and Buffy forever.

    The WB / Via

    The End.

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