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    Rebel Wilson Isn't Impressed With Australian Politics Right Now

    Rebel should be prime minister tbh.

    ICYMI, Australia has a new prime minister after the Liberal Party voted Malcolm Turnbull in as leader.


    That makes him the fourth prime minister in three years. Yes, Australian politics is batshit insane.

    Aussie actress Rebel Wilson isn't too impressed about the news, calling it "crazy".

    Hey Australia, regardless of who's in charge, unless it's an ABSOLUTE EMERGENCY surely we can't have a system where there's a meeting and ..

    then all of a sudden there's a new Prime Minister. Seems crazy? Let's just become a republic and vote ourselves for our leader x

    Fans think there's a simple solution: Rebel should be our next prime minister.

    Or you could just be our leader? 👸🏼 @RebelWilson

    @RebelWilson I think you should come back & take control & show them how they should run things.

    We'd totally vote for you, Rebel!

    AAP / Getty Images


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