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    Never Forget The Time Liam Hemsworth Got Punk'd And Went Full Aussie

    "Get out of the fuckin' car!"

    The year was 2012. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were engaged, and we were not worthy of their relationship*.

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    *They're still beautiful angels we don't deserve. Although they might be engaged again.

    Because Miley is such a ~prankster~, she decided to get Liam during an episode of MTV's Punk'd.

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    YouTube: MTV International / Via

    During the prank, two naked people run into Miley's car...

    YouTube: MTV International / Via

    ...and as a result, Liam goes into protection mode and turns FULL AUSSIE.

    YouTube: MTV International / Via

    There's even multiple uses of the word "fuckin'," because for some reason, Australians do not like to pronounce their g's.

    YouTube: MTV International / Via

    It's honestly amazing. 2012 was lucky to have experienced such an event.

    YouTube: MTV International / Via

    You can watch part of the uncensored version here in all of its Australian glory.

    Remember when Liam Hemsworth got Punk'd and went full Aussie

    Never fuck with an Australian.

    YouTube: MTV International / Via

    Goddamn we love you Liam.

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