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Sarah Michelle Gellar Just Paid Tribute To "Buffy" In The Sweetest Way

Prepare to get emotional.

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Mother, movie star, and all around badass Sarah Michelle Gellar took to Instagram on the anniversary of the series finale.

The actress used a collage accompanied with an emotional message to remember Buffy Summers, the woman she brought to life over a seven year timespan.

There was also this sweet little Tweet.

Even better #BTVS #ChosenOne "If the apocalypse come beep me" I guess now "if the apocalypse comes, tweet me"


A few days ago Sarah also wished former Buffy co-star David Boreanaz (aka Angel, Buffy's one true love) a happy birthday.

Sorry Spuffy shippers.

She also gushed over Danny Strong, known for playing nerd and wannabe villain Jonathan, who is now killing it in Hollywood.

Yeah, he has Emmy and Golden Globe Awards now. Was "Superstar" a Buffy episode, or real life?

And if that wasn't enough there was also this casual little reunion between BUFFY AND WILLOW.

@alydenisof Yes!! Suddenly my entire evening was gone, when I made Pom poms till midnight. Thank you for teaching me your secrets wise one.

This friendship is a thing of beauty.