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    Here Are All Your Favourite "Charlie's Angels" Outfits Ranked From Least To Most Iconic

    Excluding the TV show because, I'm sorry but, it's just not as iconic.

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    Everyone knows how iconic the Charlie's Angels films were, but it's definitely the outfits that were the most memorable part.

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    But which one was the best? Which outfit reigned supreme against all others? To find out, we decided to rank them in the ultimate list.

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    24. The tradesmen outfits.

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    Caitlin: Lacklustre. Next. 1/10

    Isha: Keeeeeep it. -2/10

    Michelle: Oh... brown overalls for dusty metal work? Groundbreaking. 1/10

    Overall rating: 0/30

    23. The saintly nun outfits.

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    Caitlin: The shade of blue is nice, but they've worn better. 1/10

    Isha: I can't hate it because they look so serene, but it's not one of their most iconic looks. 1/10

    Michelle: Sister, please. 0/10

    Overall rating: 2/30

    22. The "good morning, Charlie!" outfits.

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    Caitlin: Lucy's leather corset is great and Drew's semi-curled hair is an A+ from me, but I can take or leave this couch look. 2/10

    Isha: Save for that leather corset, this whole look is a SNOOZE FEST. Next. 1/10

    Michelle: I am bored but more importantly, what is that shirt they gave Cameron?! Guys, don't let the sexy corset distract you from WHATEVER THAT MAROON MONSTROSITY IS GOING ON ON THE RIGHT!!! -1/10

    Overall rating: 2/30

    21. The sneaky enchantress outfits.

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    Caitlin: The ONLY reason I'm interested in these outfits is because I'm pretty sure it's the only time we've seen Cameron with red hair and Lucy with blonde during this franchise. 2/10

    Isha: I'll leave the outfit, but I'll stay for the sexy dance moves Lucy and Cameron were pulling to distract the baddies. 2/10

    Michelle: I'm going to be honest with you... I don't remember this scene at all. And from my powers of deduction, that means these outfits weren't all that iconic. Looking at them now though, they all match at least, so I'll give them that. 1/10

    Overall rating: 5/30

    20. The head-to-toe camo outfits.

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    Caitlin: Action Man who??? 3/10

    Isha: Ehhhhhhhhhhh. Like I'm just not sold on it because all they're wearing is some camo and there's nothing special about that. 2/10

    Michelle: I am completely indifferent to this. Charlie's Angels wardrobe department, I am not mad. Just disappointed. 2/10

    Overall rating: 7/30

    19. The "I'm off-duty but still ready to fight" outfits.

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    Caitlin: I feel like the wardrobe department put all of their effort into Cameron and just went, "Eh, give the other two whatever is left over". Brown is not a flattering colour on anyone, even a goddess like Drew. 2/10

    Isha: Honestly, I don't mind this. Like they all look very... comfortable? 3/10

    Michelle: I'm going to shift my mind to the early-2000s to be fair in my judgement, and in the early-2000s these outfits would've BANGED. 3/10

    Overall rating: 8/30

    18. The "we just escaped from prison" outfits.

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    Caitlin: I don't know if they're meant to be prison guards or prisoners???


    Isha: Loling to myself right now because I'm pretty sure there was no explanation offered for this outfit in the movie. They look cute, but these ladies make anything look good. 5/10

    Michelle: *Extreme Tyra banks voice* Prisoner but make it... sexy. 5/10

    Overall rating: 13/30

    17. The end scene punk rocker outfits.

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    Caitlin: Is this Josie and the Pussycats or Charlie's Angels??? Who knows anymore!!! (Also someone please pay for that crossover to happen). 6/10

    Isha: Look, the wigs... aren't great, but I am having a mini-moment for the Angels turning into grungy, punk rock queens. 5/10

    Michelle: Lmaooooooooo Cameron looks like an emo raccoon. 7/10

    Overall rating: 18/30

    16. The introductory outfits.

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    Caitlin: Cameron is clearly the focal point here and I'm VERY on board. Also those sunglasses are so '00s I want to die. 3/10

    Isha: I want to believe this is the MAIN and ONLY reason why tinted sunnies have come back in fashion. Instagram influencers, take notes. 6/10

    Michelle: The only language I speak from this day forward is Cameron Diaz's sparkly gold bikini. GLITTER/10 (That's a 10 btw.)

    Overall rating: 19/30

    15. The crime scene outfits.

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    Caitlin: Oh, fuck yeah Lucy! Her look is a MOOD. Drew also looks like the forensic investigator of my dreams. Cameron... I don't know what you did to piss off the wardrobe department but you must've done something bad. 6/10

    Isha: Drew's signature dark lippy and all-black combo is my peak aesthetic goals. She looks like she's not taking shit from ANYONE. 6/10


    Overall rating: 19/30

    14. The fancy cocktail party outfits.

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    Caitlin: Cameron was ripped off here, where is her fancy gown??? But Drew and Lucy look so good that their dresses should be documented in history books. 8/10

    Isha: Oooooh I'm getting major classic Hollywood vibes from both Lucy and Drew's dresses. They're sexy as fuck, but also super classy. Cameron's fresh face can't be forgotten because her skin is absolutely G L O W I N G. 9/10

    Michelle: I am not blown away because it was a fancy affair, so of course they were going to come out in fancy dresses. Surprise me, hons. 4/10

    Overall rating: 21/30

    13. The "we solved the case so now we're enjoying some cocktails" outfits.

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    Caitlin: I think Drew looks the best here. But that's probably because when I was a kid, and played Charlie's Angels with my friends, I was always Drew because she's the best one. 7/10

    Isha: The Angels off-duty is a major vibe. Drew looks adorable in pink, Lucy is a knockout in that green and peach combo, while Cameron's baby blue outfit perfectly matches her eyes. A+. 8/10

    Michelle: Lmaoooo Drew looks like "hot like a sunrise" Rhonda here. Holiday VIBES, though. I'm here for it. 6/10

    Overall rating: 21/30

    12. The ~red hot~ car wash outfits.

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    Caitlin: Simple yet EFFECTIVE. 7/10

    Isha: Red is definitely the Angels' colour, and this is hands-down one of the most iconic end credit scenes. 8/10

    Michelle: BIKINIS AND BUBBLES!!!!!!! 7/10

    Overall rating: 22/30

    11. The motocross mayhem outfits.

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    Caitlin: These outfits seem totally useless and impractical for riding motorbikes, but I still LOVE them. 9/10

    Isha: I'm low-key in love with Drew's hair here, even if it's styled like a mullet. Major ticks from me, ladies. 8/10

    Michelle: Skrrr skrrrrr, fighting crime while wearing metal chest plates, skrrr skrrrrr. 5/10

    Overall rating: 22/30

    10. The red carpet-ready outfits.

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    Caitlin: True angels, HONESTLY. Drew is giving me Princess Leia vibes, what a dream. 9/10

    Isha: SO MUCH GIRL POWER. I'M IN LOVE!!! 7/10

    Michelle: The gold confetti is what makes the scene. Oh, and Lucy's dress too. 7/10

    Overall rating: 23/30

    9. The "I'm investigating but still want to look cute" outfits.

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    Caitlin: These outfits truly show off personalities: Cameron is cute and giving Tomb Raider vibes! Lucy is ready for business as a smart spy! Drew is cool and a tomboy!!! We GET it. (I still love it though). 8/10

    Isha: I knoooow she's not meant to be the girly girl, but I'm slightly disappointed in Drew's uninspired outfit. Especially when she's standing next to some literal fire emojis. 🔥🔥 6/10

    Michelle: OK MUVAAA LUCY YOU BETTER COME THROUGH WITH THE BAWDDDYYY. Lmao, seriously though, this look is them to a (British flag) tee. 9.5/10

    Overall rating: 23.5/30

    8. The "I'm about to kick your butt" outfits.

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    Caitlin: I can't breathe after looking at this image. RIP me. 8/10

    Isha: I'm very conflicted right now because half of me is annoyed at the wardrobe department for putting Lucy in a skirt to fight crime. But then the other half is like, "Shut up, you loser. It's a movie and they look BADASS". 8.5/10

    Michelle: Drew looks like she's about to join Olivia Benson to solve some sexually-based offences that are considered especially heinous. DUN DUN. 8/10

    Overall rating: 24.5/30

    7. The beach babes outfits.

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    Caitlin: These really don't seem to be great disguises because I can definitely see their faces. Like, did they think putting a fake tattoo on Cameron's shoulder would make her look completely different? That's not how disguises work, sweeties!! 6/10

    Isha: I'm ignoring the fact that they're meant to be on a stakeout because these three just look too damn good. Special shoutout to Cameron and those mesmerising blue eyes. 9/10

    Michelle: I love this look. Tbh, I don't really know why but it is fuego. 🔥🔥 10/10

    Overall rating: 25/30

    6. The "Lucy Liu is clearly the star of this scene" outfits.

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    Caitlin: Eight-year-old me was truly shocked at how amazing Lucy was in this scene. She made me want to grow up, wear leather outfits, and shout at men in boardrooms. 8/10

    Isha: Everyone else in this scene can go home because it's 2018 and Lucy Liu is still killing it. 9/10

    Michelle: Whenever I see this photo of Lucy, I can just mentally hear a whip crack and idk if that's normal. 9/10

    Overall rating: 26/30

    5. The ~sexy~ scuba suit outfits.

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    Caitlin: The scuba suits aren't that iconic, but I'm ranking this pretty high because that shot of Cameron unzipping her suit is definitely iconic. 9/10

    Isha: I am DECEASED. These three somehow manage to make scuba suits sexy, while I struggle to look decent in a t-shirt and jeans. 8/10

    Michelle: I wore a wetsuit the other week and let me tell you... I looked like a swollen penis. And for that reason, this look deserves TENS ACROSS THE BOARD. 10/10

    Overall rating: 27/30

    4. The "you picked the wrong women to mess with" outfits.

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    Caitlin: When I first saw these outfits on my screen during the sequel I KNEW it was going to be just as good as the first Charlie's Angels film. I WAS RIGHT. It deserved an Oscar, don't @ me. 9/10

    Isha: This movie deserves more recognition based on these outfits alone. Like Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle did that in 2003 and I'm still impressed. 8/10

    Michelle: I'm literally giving this look a 10 just because of Cameron's snow bunny look. HANDS DOWN, ONE OF THE MOST ICONIC. 10/10

    Overall rating: 27/30

    3. The kinky Pink Panther song outfits.

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    Caitlin: Wow, this is... I need a cold shower. 10/10

    Isha: I can tell you that I rewatched this scene at least ten times in order to get a decent screenshot because my brain kept getting incredibly distracted. 9/10

    Michelle: I will think about that big glass and those bubbles 'til the day I die. 10/10

    Overall rating: 29/30

    2. The SIZZLING race track outfits.

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    Caitlin: Drew holding whatever the fuck that tool is left me for DEAD when I first watched this. 10/10

    Isha: This is the definition of sex appeal and either it's extremely hot today (it's not because I'm typing this in a freezing office) or I'm just feeling a little something for these smoking, hot Angels. Drew call me, okay? 100000/10

    Michelle: This look is hella SPICY™. Like, can you even name a better pit crew? EXACTLY. 200/10

    Overall rating: 100210/30

    1. The adorable German-inspired outfits.

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    Caitlin: Adorable. Incredible. Iconic. Frame this and put it in the MoMA. 10/10

    Isha: Name a more coordinated outfit. I'll wait. Seriously though, I'm in love with the sheer cuteness of this look. The pigtails alone... UGH. 10/10


    Overall rating: 100000020/30

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