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    Looks Like Ruby Rose Was The Hottest Halloween Costume This Year

    All of your Ruby dreams came true.

    People lost their shit over Ruby Rose after her appearance as Stella Carlin on Orange Is the New Black earlier this year.


    And it looks like fans are still crazy about the Aussie actress because there were a ton of Stellas this Halloween.

    Literally everyone wanted to be Stella/Ruby.

    SO many Rubys.

    It was basically heaven.

    Some people went all out with a matching haircut.

    And they were ON POINT.

    Others were so dedicated, they even drew on her trademark tattoos.

    That eye for detail tho.

    Some fans even brought an OITNB buddy along for full effect.

    True friends. 💖

    Every single Halloween fiend looked damn great in their Litchfield wear.

    And they all had the perfect pout.

    Yaaass, killing it.

    Is that Ruby or someone in a costume???


    So many doppelgängers.

    SO MANY.

    What a time to be ALIVE.

    It was just beautiful. 😭😭😭

    Slay mini Rubys, SLAY.

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