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Nickelodeon Might Be Launching A Channel With Nothing But '90s Cartoons


If you had a childhood, chances are you spent most of it watching Nickelodeon.

Maybe Rugrats was your jam.

Or Aaahh!!! Real Monsters.

And it looks like these beloved shows could be coming back on a channel dedicated to '90s Nicktoons.

Something known as The Splat has been posting a bunch of hints online about a '90s channel.

They uploaded this video to YouTube on Saturday. It features a bunch of Nicktoons with the tagline "The Splat is coming".

View this video on YouTube


A basic website has also been launched that features all of the social media platforms for The Splat.

The logo was also floating around at '90s fest over the weekend in Brooklyn.

Pauly Shore was spotted with the logo...

...as was Coolio and his entourage of familiar faces...

...and Smash Mouth.

Only The Splat breaks the mold. #TheSplatIsComing #90sFest @smashmouth 🎶

Although nothing has been confirmed, people are still freaking out.

@thesplat My reaction when I hear that I get to relive my childhood. #90sKidsRemember #Nickelodeon #TheSplatIsComing

Yessss all of the 90's shows are getting their own channel.😍😁 #TheSplat #TheSplatIsComing

I've never been more excited for anything in my life than I am for @thesplat! #thesplatiscoming

Oh my gosh Nickelodeon, I love you for making a 90's cartoon channel! #thesplatiscoming 💕💕💕

One Twitter user claims The Splat will not be a new channel, and will instead be a section of daily programming.

#TheSplatIsComing is not a new #Nickelodeon channel but new block of replaying 90s cartoons! Cool!

While no official announcements have been made, just the thought of a channel stacked with our '90s faves makes us happy little beavers.

BuzzFeed has reached out to Nickelodeon for comment.


A Nickelodeon Australia spokesperson told BuzzFeed that, "The Splat is a new day part (10pm - 6am) that is launching next month in the U.S.".