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Bindi Irwin Has Revealed Her Celebrity Crush Is Ruby Rose

Same though.

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During an interview with E! News, Bindi Irwin named fellow Australian Ruby Rose as her celebrity crush.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
Celebrity crush is Ruby Rose... she is just amazing. You look at Ruby Rose and you're like, wow, she's beautiful and one of the sweetest people.

We're not surprised at all, considering Ruby is a goddess. But the pair also seem to be pretty good friends, with Ruby spending time at Australia Zoo in 2014.

Instagram: Bindi Irwin

I mean, she's basically already an Irwin.

Spot the odd one out in this family photo lol...

Twitter: Ruby Rose / Via Twitter: @RubyRose

And their interactions on Twitter have been adorable.

@RubyRose1 I've been wonderful! Busy and having so much fun. I hope you are great. Sending lots of love xx

Twitter: Bindi Irwin / Via Twitter: @BindiIrwin

Bindi is actually dating her real life crush, Chandler Powell. And god damn they're cute together.

Instagram: Bindi Irwin / Via

Yes girl, you keep winning at life.

Instagram: Bindi Irwin / Via