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    If We Saw The World Like Donald Trump Does

    Spoiler alert: It's not a world you'd want to be living in.

    Imagine if there were a very foggy, clouded set of glasses that you could put on through which you'd see the world from the same perspective presidential hopeful Donald Trump does. It might look something like this:

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    For starters, women would go from being equals in the workplace (and life in general) to objects.

    And you might be a bit naive when it comes to realizing others' opinions of you.

    The friends who you used to sit around a table and laugh with would become people you consider dangerous — solely because of their cultural background.

    Small gestures would go from being seen as an act of kindness... a total threat.

    Your opinions would largely be based on the color of a person's skin...

    ...because with Trump vision, you simply cannot see people for who they truly are.

    Having any sort of non-physical exchange with the opposite sex would be near impossible.

    You would group all Muslim Americans as serious threats to your well-being.

    And black men? Yeah, you wouldn't be cozying up with them either.

    The one perk of Trump vision? Well, you're definitely seeing yourself in the best possible light.

    But at the end of the day, everyone would be left wondering one thing:

    A piece of advice: Keep that box CLOSED.

    H/T: Inspired by this meme.