Reasons Why Everyone On "The Ultimatum" Seems Totally Out Of Touch With Reality

    Every generation may agree with these ones.

    Netflix's The Ultimatum was one of the most outrageous social experiments, and some things totally went against Gen Z stereotypes.

    1. The timeline of the couples' relationships.

    April describes what she wants in her relationship with Jake

    2. Was being tied down genuine or for real?

    Madlyn doubts her relationship with Colby

    3. The reasoning for the ultimatums.

    4. The ages of the couples.

    Netflix corrects Lauren's age after featuring her as 26-year-old

    5. The definition of a "perfect wife."

    6. The trial marriage.

    7. Making the experience too "real" for their significant other.

    8. The red flags.

    9. The total shift in the end of the show disregarding everything.

    Colby proposes to Madlyn

    10. The end result: THE REUNION.

    11. What did you think of The Ultimatum?