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32 Small Brands With Gift Cards, Subscriptions, & Other Truly Last-Minute Gifts

Just a collection of unique gifts that'll rival all the others.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. Scribbler, a subscription box for writers that'll encourage them to write more this year, and, more importantly, to actually finish their creative projects.

the box which includes writing themed gifts and books on writing tips

Scribbler is a subscription based in Dallas, Texas, that sends monthly deliveries filled with gifts and tips to fuel your passion for writing. 

What you'll get: Each month you'll receive a box curated with writing gifts, a teaching booklet from a bestselling author, a novel with a signed bookplate, inside information on the publishing process, and access to live chats with editors and literary agents.

Promising review: "Each monthly delivery of this box is like Christmas morning! There are so many goodies in each box — treats like coffee, tea, hot chocolate, snacks, a journal or notepad or book of writing prompts, pens and stickers and pins, and writer’s favorite things. But most important is the monthly novel (with signed bookplate), an inside look at the publishing process, and an exclusive writing passport (I. Want. Them. ALL!!!!! LOL but for real, I do) penned by each month’s author (who better to get perspective from, right?!?!). There are exclusive online chats each month, and somehow Victoria and Lindsay find a way to sprinkle in all kinds of inspiration and encouragement. I have NEVER been disappointed, not one single time, but I have been giddy like a schoolgirl over my box. Keep up the GREAT WORK, LADIES!!!!!" —Courtney D.

Gift a subscription from Cratejoy for $27.50+/month.

2. An Etsy gift card if you're looking to give them a unique gift that will be hard to find anywhere else. The site is filled with artists, makers, and small business owners who offer everything — clothing, jewelry, furniture, decor, toys, gadgets, and more.

a digital gift card and the design is wrapped presents

Etsy is an online marketplace that hosts millions of small business sellers who curate and create unique items at a variety of price points. 

Delivery: Email the gift card directly to the recipient, or email it to yourself and print it out to personally deliver it to your loved one. 

Get it from Etsy for $25+ (available in amounts of $25–$250).

3. A 90-minute online dumpling-cooking class to teach them how to make these irresistible dough-wrapped delights.

Uncommon Goods

Chef Jannie Huang is your instructor for this class. She started her own business teaching others to cook ~the Huang way~. For her, it always comes back to cooking and family, which is why she chose to share her recipes and life with others.

What you'll need: To enjoy the class you'll need to have two 16-oz packages of dumpling wrappers, a chef's knife, two cutting boards, several mixing bowl, plates, a large nonstick sauté pan with a cover, a pot and strainer, a spatula, and a fork or chopsticks to mix the filling.

Get it from Uncommon Goods for $30.

4. Just Seeds by Bloomin' Bin so they can finally start a little garden. There's no time like the present! This subscription is suitable for novice planters *and* green thumbs, and will have them enjoying the fruits of their labor in no time.

the Bloomin' Box kit

Bloomin' Bin provides a variety of garden subscriptions for all skill levels. 

What you'll get: Each month Just Seeds by Bloomin' Bin will send you seasonal flower and fruit/vegetable seeds or both. Once you get your seeds, toss in soil, add some sun and water, and wait for your seeds to bloom.

Promising review: "I love my Bloomin' Bin! I've been getting it for quite some time now, and just renewed my subscription. I usually get so overwhelmed by seed catalogs, so this box helps me sort out my garden calendar (and helps me not waste any additional money on seeds or plants, OK, not as much money). There are always great varieties and options (I have seed + plant sub), and I love the informative sheets that go with the plants. I've even bought a couple boxes for my other garden enthusiast friends." —Rochelle-sheli N.

Gift a subscription from Cratejoy for $5+/month (available in a variety of styles).

5. An illustrated picture you can gift them to remix some of your favorite moments together. Or, you can also just get one for yourself of you and your dog.

a digital drawing of a couple
ThePlutonArt / Etsy

Promising review: "Fantastic artwork! First time I have had anyone do a piece like this, and it turned out amazing. I left the artist free reign with how they wanted to re-create my favorite photo, and they did an outstanding job. Very detailed in all the right parts, but perfectly simplified in others to make the style work. Will definitely be back for more pieces in the future!" —Rylie

Delivery: After you provide the image you'd like turned into an illustrated portrait, you'll have your print-ready digital file within 48 hours. If you place the order by Dec. 23, you'll receive it by Christmas. 

Get an illustration of two people from ThePlutonArt on Etsy for $53.94+ (available in nine background styles and with more people).

6. Shaker & Spoon, a cocktail subscription just begging to help them up their mixology game in time for the Insecure season finale watch party. Look out, there's a new tastemaker in town.

the shaker and spoon kit

Shaker & Spoon is a Brooklyn-based subscription that wants to help you make amazing cocktails with recipes from top bartenders!

What you'll get: Each month you'll receive three unique recipes from bartenders from around the world, along with all the ingredients you need to make them — syrups, bitters, mixers, garnishes, and more. No alcohol included.

Promising review: "Our son gave us a gift subscription and then renewed it when we said how much we enjoyed it. We have recommended the monthly box to so many people and intend to give subscriptions as gifts to friends. Not only are the boxes well crafted and details, but the company has amazing customer service. We have done an awful lot of subscription boxes ranging from wine, clothes, and personal items to snacks and bespoke gifts. This is the first one that we have wanted to stick with!" —Marta V.

Gift a subscription from Cratejoy for $40+/month.

7. A Beginning Boutique gift card so they can upgrade their wardrobe in time for the new year.

the gift card
Beginning Boutique

Beginning Boutique is a woman-founded business based in Brisbane, Australia.

Promising review: "Wonderful gift!" —Amanda H.

Delivery: You can send it to them via email. 

Get it from Beginning Boutique for $10+ (available in amounts of $10–$300).

8. Finders Seekers, a mystery game subscription in case they're a fan of puzzles and escape rooms; this subscription will turn a traditional game night into mystery night of fun for the whole family.

The kit

Finders Seekers Mysteries is based in Utah and sets out to help you discover a new city and culture while solving puzzles and deciphering codes. 

What you'll get: Each month, you'll have the opportunity to explore another city and culture through puzzles, deciphering codes, and escape room challenges.

Promising review: "My husband and I had a lot of fun with this. It’s perfect for an at-home date night, but we also can’t wait until our kids are old enough to enjoy it with us! We can’t wait until our next box comes!" —Mattie T.

Gift a subscription from Cratejoy for $25+/month.

9. A custom family tree sure to bring a sentimental tear to your loved one's eye.

the family tree printed out and framed
DownThePathCreations / Etsy

Down The Path Creations creates digital and printable art, bookmarks, cards, and more. 

Promising review: "I love this beautiful family tree. I filled one out for me and one for my husband. Now I can share them with our grown children. Thank you!" —Susan Dandrea

Delivery: You'll get a file with a blank family tree that you can fill out, print, and frame. 

Get it from Down The Path Creations on Etsy for $4.

10. A knitting class that'll teach them how to make their own scarf, an ideal gift for the cold winter season.

someone knitting
Uncommon Goods

Rhiannon Platt is inspired by graffiti writers and NYC punk bike culture. She enjoys teaching shared interests that can span across ages, cultures, and lifestyles. 

What you'll need: Two to three skeins of a light-colored acrylic yarn in size 6 "super bulky," one set of size 13 knitting needles, and scissors

Get it from Uncommon Goods for $40.

11. A Bifties gift card to let them build their own gift box curated with gifts from Black- and Afro-Latinx-owned brands, making it that much easier to support small businesses of color.

the gift card

Bifties is a small business that started off as a gift exchange where all the gifts had to come from businesses of color. Now, this is a gifting destination filled with items sourced by Black- and Afro-Latinx-owned brands. 

Delivery: You can have it delivered it to them via email or print it out and deliver it to them personally. 

Get it from Bifties for $1+ (available in amount of your choice).

12. A Bean & Bean subscription — a female-powered coffee subscription for the coffee lovers in your life.

a bag of coffee
Bean & Bean

Bean & Bean is owned by mother-daughter combo, both Q Arabica graders (basically the sommelier of coffee aka they know their stuff), that set out to not only provide quality coffee, but to also source as much female-powered coffee as possible.

What you'll get: Every month you'll get one bag of beans (available in nine grinds) in the flavor of your choice.

Promising review: "Delicious. My husband and I have tried dozens of different brands and flavors, but we keep coming back to this one. It's rich but not too strong, smells fantastic, and tastes even better. The grind size is perfect for our refillable Keurig. Well worth the cost." —Zareen M.

Gift a 3-month subscription from Bean & Bean for $69 (also available in 6- and 12-month subscriptions)

13. TheraBox, a self-care subscription that'll remind them to to take a little ~me-time~ every now and then with a box filled with therapist-curated items designed to help increase their happiness and reduce stress.

the subscription box filled with self care products

TheraBox is a therapist-curated self-care subscription based in Diamond Bar, California.  

What you'll get: Each month you'll receive one happiness activity and between six and eight self-care and wellness goodies, including face masks, aromatherapy, bath, body, skincare, lifestyle products, and more worth $120+ in value.

Promising review: "I received my first TheraBox and I LOVE it! It’s got all the essentials to help you relax and get your mind flowing with positive vibes. Can’t wait to receive my next one! 😍" —Tiara W.

Gift a subscription from Cratejoy for $30.99+/month.

14. A Fluide gift card ideal for the beauty aficionado who loves nothing more than shopping for a new shade of lip gloss on a Saturday morning.


Fluide is a queer-owned, Brooklyn-based small business that seeks to amplify the voices of queer and gender expansive identities through showcasing queer beauty, while offering inclusive, vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free cosmetics.

Promising review: "I’m an older cisgender female. I have some trans and gender-fluid friends and relatives and a Fluide gift card is my go-to method of supporting them when they share their gender identity with me. Because I am a person who appears mainstream conservative, I know it means a lot when I celebrate them for who they are. The gift card recipients have been delighted with the opportunity to explore their 'look,' and the fact that that it comes from an old white lady makes it even more special." —Jean

Delivery: These gift cards are delivered via email. If the amount increments aren't what you're looking for, you can email them to request a custom amount.

Get it from Fluide for $15+ (available in amounts of $15–$100).

15. A BoneBox subscription for the person who is fascinated with bones. Each month, bone collectors can expect to receive skulls, teeth, claws, or other bones from animals that died naturally in the wild.

The bone box

Skulls Unlimited is the lead supplier of osteological specimens. Each specimen is prepared using dermestid beetles, degreased, and whitened through a chemical process. The bones provided are from animals who have died from natural causes, or due to a predator in the wild.

What you'll get: Each month subscribers will receive a mystery skull, collectible animal trading cards, an animal or art item, promotional materials, and exclusive discounts.

Promising review: "I have been subscribed to BoneBox for a few months now and I absolutely love it! The skulls I have received so far have all been in excellent condition, and the contents of the boxes were all worth more than $25. They also include a card in each box that gives interesting facts about the animal whose skull you received, which is a nice touch. This is definitely an awesome investment or gift for any bone enthusiast!!" —Kristin D.

Gift a subscription from Cratejoy for $24.57+/month.

16. A raindrop cake class so they can learn how to make the trendiest cake of the season. You know, the one that boggles the mind. Finally, they'll know how to wield the sorcery that created this cake phenomenon.

the raindrop cake kit
Uncommon Goods

Darren Wong is the instructor of this class and enjoys making things that speak to him. After months of trial and error, Darren debuted his raindrop cake at an event in New York, where it not only sold out but quickly became a foodie phenomenon. 

What you'll need: The Raindrop Cake Molecular Gastronomy Kit (included with this class), a large mixing bowl, two small saucepans, measuring spoons, a small whisk, 2 cups + 1/4 cup of water

Promising review: "I attended the live Zoom class, which was a refreshing way to spend an hour on the weekend. The host with Uncommon Goods did a great job making the experience fun, informative, and comfortable. The creator of the dish, Darren, was so interesting to listen to, and it really made the dish more special. Oh, and the dish! The raindrop cake is soooo different than anything I've tried before, and I genuinely look forward to creating many more!" —Emily

Get it from Uncommon Goods for $56

17. A Cryptid Crate subscription ideal for the people who pose the questions, "Do you believe Bigfoot exists?" and "Do you love reading everything there is on the Loch Ness monster?" Well, so do the members of this subscription, who love discussing conspiracy theories about these creatures that may or may not exist. 👀

the cryptid crate
Cryptid Crate / Cratejoy

Cryptid Crate is a subscription service based in Cedar Glen, California, for people who love cryptozoology and the paranormal. 

What you'll get: Each month you'll receive a box with four to seven items that range from wearable gear and collectibles to home decor and films — all surrounding cryptid creatures like Bigfoot, Sasquatch, UFOs, ghosts, and more.

Promising review: "Have been a subscriber for this box since the start and my husband and I are always amazed that they find such cool and fun stuff every month to put into the box. And responses to questions are always fast! If you love anything cryptid and want a personable and friendly experience with a subscription box then this is the one to get!" —Eric J.

Gift a subscription from Cratejoy for $40+/month.

18. A Matter subscription because it's a membership to the science club they've always wanted to join. Each month, they'll be able to geek over a handful of items that are all forms of matter.

the subscription box that has different forms of matter inside

Matter is a subscription born from the The Stemcell Science Shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

What you'll get: Each month you'll receive four to six items that could include fossils, tools, specimens, materials, or other artifacts that represent forms of matter found around the world.

Promising review: "I can't believe I now have an authentic dinosaur tooth and a vial of cephalopod ink! This box is a real treat for anyone interested in science and natural history, and I can't wait to receive my next box. I promised myself I would only keep a subscription to a truly amazing box, and this one has exceeded my expectations! Thank you for making these artifacts available to us." —Hannah V.

Gift a subscription from Cratejoy for $36.66+/month.

19. A crochet animal pattern you can use to fashion together a cuddly bunny for them or gift them the pattern and let them create their own.

two bunnies made with the pattern
ZrumToys / Etsy

ZrumToys makes adorable patterns so you can create your new favorite plushie. 

Promising review: "This was an amazing, thorough pattern! I definitely recommend to anyone! I used normal acrylic yarn, but then brushed it with a pet brush to make it fluffy!!" —Anna

Delivery: PDF download

Get it from ZrumToys on Etsy for $4.87

20. A tie-dye class so they can finally learn how to make their own tie-dye apparel. The Pinterest fiasco of 2020 will be a distant memory once they unveil their latest tie-dye masterpiece.

the kit that comes with the class
Uncommon Goods

Lauren instructs this class and will walk you through each step from prepping your station to mixing your dyes. Whether you're a newb or a natural tie-dye pro, this class will help you become the go-to tie-dye designer among your group.

What you'll need: The Tie Dye Kit (comes with the class), hot water, a surface protector (tablecloth or trash bag), cookie tray and wire rack to work on (if you don’t have a cookie tray and wire rack, you can plan to do your project over a sink or tub). You can also bring additional items to dye. 

Get it from Uncommon Good for $63.

21. A Cat Lady Box subscription that'll encourage them to fully embrace being cat obsessed and even comes with little gifts for their beloved feline friends to enjoy, too.

the cat lady subscription box that has a cat graphic t shirt that reads cat hair is my glitter and other fun cat themed products

Cat Lady Box is a Florida-based subscription for people who are obsessed with cats. 

What you'll get: Each month, you can expect three to four fun cat-themed clothing items, home decor, accessories, and more – plus two cat toys!

Promising review: "I LOVE THIS BOX!!! I have subscribed to Cat Lady Box for two years now, and I have loved every single box. People always compliment the T-shirts or jewelry. Highly recommended." —Susanne S.

Gift a subscription from Cratejoy for $39.99+/month.

22. An IndieStitch subscription in case they're looking to usher in a new hobby that will also expand their wardrobe. Each month, they'll receive a new pattern from an indie designer, and everything they need to turn their fabric into a new wardrobe staple.

the indie stitch subscription box that has sewing tools and thread

IndieStitch is a monthly sewing subscription based in Iowa for people who love to sew or want to learn how. 

What you'll get: In the kit will be a digital PDF download, printed pattern pieces, two to three yards of fabric, notions for the pattern, and bonus sewing tools. Each month, you can pick your choice of fabric. You can opt for something fun and vibrant, something neutral and low-key, or a cool pattern. Past projects have included cardigans, joggers, skirts, tops, and more and run from sizes XXS—3X.

Promising review: "I'm a novice sewer so I was really hesitant to sign up for this subscription, but it really exceeded my expectations! The materials in my box was great quality and there was a very generous amount. There were a few fun surprises tucked in as well, which I really found to be thoughtful. I think one of the best aspects of this subscription is the tutorial videos that walk you through how to put the pattern together. I've never sewn clothes before so I was really nervous to get started; the videos were really helpful. The pattern in the box wasn't quite my style, but after watching the videos I was able to adapt it a bit and make an item that I really love. This is a really fun way to learn a new skill. I'm really looking forward to future boxes!" —Shannon B.

Gift a subscription from Cratejoy for $54.95+/month.

23. A romantic painting class you can give to a couple or keep for you and your boo. Grab a glass of something with bubbles, throw on your favorite playlist in the background, and rekindle your artistic and amorous sides.

paintings from the class
Uncommon Goods

Jennifer Funnell loves teaching drawing and painting because it brings people joy and purpose. She believes that a creative environment can grow anyone into an artist, and hopefully that'll happen when you take this class. 

What you'll need: The Paint by Shadows Kit (included with this class), palette or paper plate, cup of water, paper towels, and someone special to paint with

Get it from Uncommon Goods for $65.

24. The Nailed It Box invented for people looking for cool things to maintain that mani. They've done such a good job keeping their nails together during quarantine, it's become their favorite pastime.

@fearlessnailart / Via, Cratejoy

The Nailed It Box by Fearless Nail Art is a subscription for nail art lovers.

What you'll get: Each month you'll receive five or six nail art items including a Born Pretty stamping plate, nail art decals, glitter, nail striping tapes, charms, rhinestones, flat-back pearls, nail wraps, and more.

Promising review: "I'm always amazed at how much every box includes. Hands down the best subscription box I've ever received. Top quality themed boxes, and it even includes OPI polishes! I'm never disappointed and I recommend that anyone who loves unique, quality nail products try it!" —Kathryn M.

Gift a subscription from Cratejoy for $8+/month.

25. The Adults & Crafts Crate that'll add a little fun back into their routine by sending a new craft project each month.

the adults & crafts kit

Adults & Crafts is a subscription based in Denver, Colorado, for adults & teens to create fun and trendy projects.

What you'll get: Each month you'll receive a curated craft box with tools, materials, accessories, and instructions — everything you need to create your next fun project. Past boxes have included wine carriers and epoxy resin coasters and have taught techniques including wood burning and engraving.

Promising review: "I look forward to this box every month. Most of the boxes contain enough materials for multiple projects, and give you a launching point to continue building a new hobby. So far I have built a decorative shelf, made marbled dishes out of clay, and learned to weave. This box has given me little pockets of time to be alone and do something fun and creative, which has definitely been a lifeline during a challenging year." —Heather M.

Gift a subscription from Cratejoy for $31/month.

26. UnboxBoardom to help game night lovers who want to explore games beyond the store aisles. This subscription will send a board game to your doorstep, so you can wow the crew with a new game each month to keep your game nights fresh.

a board game from the subscription

UnboxBoardom is a monthly game subscription that encourages people to put the phones down, unplug, and have fun with their friends and loved ones. 

What you'll get: With each box, you'll choose between a board game or the option to be surprised. Games range from family board games to strategy games and party games for larger groups. The games are suitable for people 8 years old and up. You can choose to receive a new board game every three months, every two months, or, for super gamers, you can get a new game every month.

Promising review: "I've been a member for several months now and every game has been great. There is such a variety of games, and this box gives suggestions I might not have picked or even found at the store. Since you can pick between three games each month, there is always an option that fits the types of games I enjoy. I tell people about this box all the time because it's the best way to get new and unique games." —Cailtin G.

Gift a subscription from Cratejoy for $29.99+/month.

27. A PostBox subscription providing them with everything they need to start a penpalling journey, or to stay in contact with friends and family the old-fashioned way.

subscription kit with cards and other stationery

PostBox from Postmark'd Studio provides stationery to stay connected to the ones you love through handwritten notes. 

What you'll get: Each month you'll receive a themed box with four to five greeting cards, stamps, and an artsy gift, along with tips and tricks to enhance your letter-writing skills to make your letters stand out.

Promising review: "This is my favorite box! I thought I'd try it, maybe share it with my 92-year-old mother. Each month we both look forward to the latest offering. Our family and friends appreciate the snail mail. They've even commented on the fun stamps that are included. This is an outstanding box." —Anne B.

Gift a subscription from Cratejoy for $21.25+/month.

28. Boxwalla in case the film enthusiast or avid book reader is looking for unique novels and cinematic works to fill their empty shelves.

@theboxwalla / Via, @theboxwalla / Via

Boxwalla is an immigrant-owned business that offers subscription that span beauty, books, and film.

What you'll get: Depending on your subscription, you'll receive films from the Criterion Collection, along with information about each film, or two books from writers around the world monthly.

Get it from Boxwalla starting at $49.95/box (boxes ship every two months).

29. A fantasy mapmaking class to become a mapmaker and master cartographer. Don't worry, they don't have to be an artist; they'll still be able to enjoy crafting their own magical world.

a fantasy map
Uncommon Goods

Brendan Lorber has always loved maps and uses their love of mapmaking to teach you how to build your own world. 

What you'll need: In addition to the map kit included with the class you'll need a ruler, some blank sheets of paper, a pencil (a standard #2 works, but a mechanical pencil is preferred), and coffee or dried beans.

Get it from Uncommon Goods for $85.

30. Yarn Bits perfect for anyone lookin' to get hookin' in 2021. This subscription will ease you into the world of crocheting one project at a time. Before you know it, you'll be creating your own one-of-a-kind pieces.

the subscription box with a big spool of yarn and a crochet hook

Yarn Bits offers a monthly crochet project kit. 

What you'll get: Each month, depending on your subscription, you'll receive a box of items including yarn, patterns, hooks, and extras to help you learn how to crochet. There's also a Facebook group to share with a community of crocheters, as well as a Masterclass to help newbies or challenge more intermediate crocheters.

Promising review: "I've been a subscriber of both the quick project and blanket boxes for about 10 months now. I like the wide array of different projects and yarns. I especially like it when there are a couple of color options. I've never had any problems with any of the kits I've finished. I give the projects that I don't have time for to my sister and she distributes them to her friends, and they have loved the projects too! Overall a great product, it's nice that I always have an extra little project (with all the 'fixins') to work on without having to fight the hordes at the store (or wait for an internet shipment)." —Kathleen S.

Gift a subscription from Cratejoy for $30.55+/ month.

31. Comic Mystery Box ideal for comic lovers. This subscription sends them graphic novels each month to help them dive back into the comics and rekindle their love for some of their fave characters or help them kickstart their collection.

a spread of comic books

Comic Mystery Box is a California-based subscription that loves comics just as much as you do, if not more. 

What you'll get: Each month you'll get 15 comics that could include new issues, back issues, No. 1 issues, and other variants — all more than $60 in value minimum. You can mention your favorite characters and they'll try to include them in your boxes. Your subscription also comes with a newsletter for comic fans.

Promising review: "Legit, it's just my first month but I am absolutely in love with this subscription box! I've always wanted to collect comics and the fact he lets you tell him which are your favorites as well makes me happy! I love Catwoman and at first I was worried maybe he didn't get my favorites in because I ended up getting something totally left field but I don't care because it was really cool. I think that's something that this box does great; it welcomes you into a whole different group of comics that you had no intention of reading or getting into but appreciating them nonetheless. Plus, he still gave me my favorite, Catwoman, so I'm definitely happy!" —Michael B.

Gift a subscription from Cratejoy for $28.95+/month.

32. A truffle class that'll teach them how to make some of the most delicious desserts — truffles. *initiate drool*

someone rolling a truffle in coconut
Uncommon Goods

Sydney Willcox is the New Yorker who leads this class. She found her love for cooking while studying abroad in Italy. Her favorite thing is bringing nonprofessionals to a class and watching them loosen up and find joy in the process.

What you'll need: In addition to the truffles class (included with the class), you will need measuring cups and spoons, a candy thermometer, a small and medium bowl, a double boiler, a 9"x13" baking dish, a melon baller, small cookie scoop, a fork, a few toothpicks, rubber or silicone spatula, parchment paper, and paper towels.

Promising review: "The class was very engaging, the instructor was clear and concise, the chocolate in the kit was a good quality, and the end result was FANTASTIC. I had a family emergency and last minute had to be at my sister's house during class and did not have access to my kit. I instead watched the whole class with my 11-year-old niece and afterward we then made the truffles at my house. We both had a lot of fun listening/watching and then making them and they were so so good! Even though we weren't making them during the class, we still found it to be engaging and learned a lot. I will be making lots of truffles in the future! We used the leftover tempered chocolate to make chocolate spoons and festive popcorn! Here's a pro tip from my niece: Sprinkles on the truffles are delicious!" —Jenny

Get it from Uncommon Goods for $68.

Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.