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    36 Small Brands With Gift Cards, Subscriptions, & Other Truly Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts

    Small businesses to send big love to your mama.

    1. Scribbler, a subscription box for moms ready to tell their story. This box is designed to encourage writers to — well — write! Hopefully, they'll finish their creative project and maybe even dedicate it to you.

    the box which includes writing themed gifts and books on writing tips

    2. An Etsy gift card if you're looking to give them a unique gift that will be hard to find anywhere else. The site is filled with artists, makers, and small business owners who offer everything — clothing, jewelry, furniture, decor, toys, gadgets, and more.

    Etsy gift card

    3. A Maya's Cookies gift card so they can satisfy that sweet tooth with a variety of flavors from a delicious assortment of gourmet vegan cookies.

    a variety of vegan cookies

    4. An Izzy & Liv gift card they can use to shop unique items like these mosaic serving spoons they'll want to show off at the next family dinner or a plush fleece blanket they can curl up in.

    5. Just Seeds by Bloomin' Bin because they've been talking about how much they want to start their own garden. There's no time like the present! This subscription is suitable for novice planters *and* green thumbs, and will have them enjoying the fruits of their labor in no time.

    the Bloomin' Box kit

    6. An illustrated picture you can gift them to remix some of your favorite moments together. Or, you can also just get one for yourself of you and your dog.

    an illustrated portrait of a teen

    7. A Beginning Boutique gift card in case your mama isn't just a regular mom but a cool fashion-savvy mom. They can snag a cute little number like this floral maxi dress or a poppin' accessory like this handbag for their next outing.

    8. A Bean & Bean subscription — a female-powered coffee subscription for the coffee-loving mamas in your life.

    a bag of coffee

    9. TheraBox, a self-care subscription that'll remind them to take a little ~me-time~ every now and then with a box filled with therapist-curated items designed to help increase their happiness and reduce stress.

    the subscription box filled with self care products

    10. A Kulfi Beauty gift card perfect for pointing them in the right direction if they're looking to get into eyeliner. They'll be able to find the perfect shade or go all out and opt for the complete eyeliner set.

    11. A Ten Wilde gift card that'll let them scoop up a pair of these beautiful mini orb hoops or choose from a plethera of other chic pieces.

    12. A Daughter of the Land gift card so they can spend a lavish day pampering themselves after purchasing luxe skincare products like this iris + rosehip bath soak.

    13. A Muslin Comfort gift card to indulge in bedding that'll make them want to sleep in until the next Mother's Day.

    a muslin blanket on a king sized bed

    14. Shaker & Spoon, a cocktail subscription just begging to help them up their mixology game. Look out, there's a new tastemaker in town.

    the kit

    15. Finders Seekers, a mystery game subscription because they're a fan of puzzles and escape rooms (which is where you get your love of puzzles from); this subscription will turn a traditional game night into mystery night of fun they'll want to share with the whole family.

    The kit

    16. A custom family tree sure to bring a sentimental tear to your mother's eye.

    the family tree printed out and framed

    17. An Ideal Bookshelf gift card to add more items to their already bustling literary-inspired trinkets. Perhaps they'd like this Wuthering Heights enamel pin or maybe the coffee mug featuring American classics.

    18. A Lockwood gift card that'll let them fill their cart with any and everything from stylish clothes to home decor. They may want to drink their cup of coffee out of this ~damn good mug~ or treat their face to a red wine mask.

    19. A Material Kitchen gift card perfect for moms whose happy place is the kitchen, experimenting with flavors and remixing family recipes. They can add new kitchenware and tools to their collection to make preparing their next dish, that much easier.

    several Material Kitchen products on a table

    20. A Credo gift card because they love a good skincare product made from clean ingredients. This algae body oil, for example, is a seaweed-infused botanical that helps to firm the skin.

    model pumps osea algea oil onto shoulder

    21. A Common Dear gift card for the fun and quirky mom who loves color and a good pun or two to fuel their day. You can already imagine them finding a place for this relax pillow or waiting for people to notice their ~please be nice~ pin.

    22. A 90-minute online dumpling-cooking class to teach them how to make these irresistible dough-wrapped delights.


    23. A Cat Lady Box subscription because since you've moved out, their favorite kid is their furbaby. The subscription comes with little gifts for their beloved feline friends to enjoy, too.

    the cat lady subscription box that has a cat graphic t shirt that reads cat hair is my glitter and other fun cat themed products

    24. An IndieStitch subscription in case they're looking to usher in a new hobby that will also expand their wardrobe. Each month, they'll receive a new pattern from an indie designer, and everything they need to turn their fabric into a new wardrobe staple.

    the subscription

    25. A Clarksville Candle Co. gift card to fill their home with candles that'll turn any room into an aromatherapeutic spa with scents like goji berry and patchouli.

    the island breeze candle

    26. A Badge Bomb gift card perfect for the mom looking to deck out their favorite denim jacket with fun enamel pins.

    27. A Coming Soon gift card ideal for contemporary furniture and home decor pieces that'll help them maintain their status as the most eclectic house on the block. A vibrant nub scone will brighten up their wall space.

    28. An Electric Picks gift card to add vintage-styled pieces to their jewelry box.

    29. A KES NYC gift card, a brand that makes high-end fashion so mom can feel like a million bucks in their red-carpet-ready look.

    a model wearing a blouse

    30. A Bifties gift card to let them build their own gift box curated with gifts from Black- and Afro-Latinx-owned brands, making it that much easier to support small businesses of color.

    the gift card

    31. A truffle class that'll teach them how to make some of the most delicious desserts — truffles. *initiate drool*

    someone rolling a truffle in coconut

    32. A Fluide gift card ideal for the beauty aficionado mom who loves nothing more than shopping for a new shade of lip gloss on a Saturday morning. They'll stay face-ready in case you want to take them out for a night on the town.

    33. The Nailed It Box invented for people looking for cool things to maintain that mani. Mom has done such a good job keeping their nails together over the past couple of years, it's become their favorite pastime.

    34. The Adults & Crafts Crate that'll add a little fun back into their routine by sending a new craft project each month.

    the adults & crafts kit

    35. Boxwalla in case mom is a film enthusiast or avid book reader and is looking for unique novels and cinematic works to fill their empty shelves.

    36. Yarn Bits perfect for any mom lookin' to hook up. This subscription will ease them into the world of crocheting one project at a time. Before you know it, they'll be creating one-of-a-kind pieces for you.

    the subscription box with a big spool of yarn and a crochet hook

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