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Request A Post And We'll Literally Write It For You!


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Introducing BuzzFeed Request Live or #BRL! A day-long event where our staff will take requests from YOU on posts YOU want to read!

Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

BRL is a day-long event where we're working with you, our loyal readers, to give back and give you what you want to read.

It's easy to participate. Just tweet, leave us a Facebook comment, or Snapchat us a story you want to see (with the hashtag #BRL). Or just leave a comment on this post. / Via

You can request quizzes, lists, photo essays, recipe roundups, funny photo roundups, celebrity thirst/worship posts, movie fandom posts, tweet roundups, hashtag roundups, best of things from 2015, pretty much anything your heart desires!


Additionally, if you want to request a specific comic, Vine, Tumblr post, or similar graphics you can do that too!

Just thinking about my crush stresses me out

We'll choose the best ones and you'll see them published between now and the end of the year! So keep checking back here and on social media! Your post just might appear on!