BuzzFeed Unveils New Content Format “Infinity Quizzes” Powered By AI Revolutionizing The Internet’s Favorite Quiz

    Tech-first digital media company harnesses AI to bring creativity to life and enhance the audience experience.

    FEBRUARY 14, 2023 — Today BuzzFeed, Inc. launched the first-ever AI-powered quizzes, a brand new content format that revolutionizes the way content is written, developed, personalized and consumed. The new format, “Infinity Quizzes,” named for the infinite number of outcomes the format can generate, creates a unique and personalized result based on inputs from (1) BuzzFeed’s talented content and quiz writers, (2) the audience member’s contributions, and (3) AI technology. 

    BuzzFeed aims to bring AI-inspired creativity to life in innovative ways, enhance the audience experience, and lead the way for positive applications of the emerging technology across publishing and media. 

    “We see AI as an exciting new creativity tool, one that opens up new avenues for imagination, storytelling and engagement — in addition to new premium product offerings that allow us to innovate and collaborate with our clients and partners on a new frontier in media,” said Jessica Probus, SVP of BuzzFeed Editorial.

    Today, BuzzFeed is rolling out the first-ever AI-powered quiz format, built in close collaboration by our quiz and content writers and tech team. The launch includes six Infinity Quizzes for the audience, offering new levels of audience personalization and participation. The first four arrive just in time for Valentine’s Day and include: “Create Your Own Rom-Com," "Generate a Break-Up Text," "Date Your Celebrity Crush," and a custom quiz in partnership with Scotts Miracle-Gro, "Find Your Soulmate (Hint: It's a House Plant)"; in addition to a fifth—and timeless—quiz, “Create Your Own Cinematic Universe For You and Your Friends.” Additionally, BuzzFeed+ members (and friends) will have access to a sixth bonus quiz: "Create a Cult for You and Your Friends." 

    The partnership with Scotts marks an innovative and safe way for advertisers to engage with AI-powered content, with new products, custom content, sponsorships and more. 

    Since 2013, BuzzFeed Quizzes have defined internet culture — in 2022 quizzes saw over 1.1 billion views from around the globe. The integration of AI and the launch of Infinity Quizzes marks the biggest change to the format in a decade. For the first time, BuzzFeed’s audience of quiz takers will directly impact the content creation process, becoming co-creators alongside BuzzFeed’s quiz writers, and AI technology, henceforth dubbed “Buzzy The Robot,” (official title: BuzzFeed’s AI Creative Assistant).

    At BuzzFeed, the creative team’s approach to integrating AI is to build content that is “AI-native” or could not exist without artificial intelligence (such as an infinite number of instant, personalized quiz results); and things that are created by humans but *enhanced* by AI. 

    BuzzFeed was one of the first major publishers to use AI in content creation over the last few years (viral 2021 experiment), but the massive advancements of Large Language Models in recent months has led to this new step into true AI-powered formats. 

    Today’s integration uses OpenAI’s publicly available API which was trained on a blend of text, code and information prior to June 2021.

    While today’s launch comes after much testing, learning, guardrailing, and retesting; and extensive collaboration among content teams, quiz writers and tech — it marks the early stages of experimentation and conversation with our audience. 

    More soon! 

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