Prime Minister Scott Morrison Vows To Focus On Drought, Health And Power Prices

    But he won't force you to follow the Cronulla Sharks.

    What We Know

    • Scott Morrison is Australia's 30th prime minister.
    • Morrison is the country's sixth prime minister in 11 years.
    • Earlier on Friday, Malcolm Turnbull called a partyroom meeting after being handed a petition with 43 signatures.
    • The spill motion barely passed, 45-40. But that meant Turnbull didn't run and plans to resign from the parliament. This is Turnbull's legacy.
    • Peter Dutton, Julie Bishop and Scott Morrison ran.
    • Bishop was knocked out in the first ballot.
    • Morrison then beat Dutton 45-40 in the second round.
    • Victorian MP and energy minister Josh Frydenberg will be the new deputy (but not deputy PM because that stays with Nationals leader Michael McCormack).
    • This is everything you need to know about Australia's new prime minister—Scott Morrison.


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    Scott Morrison has been sworn in as Australia's 30th prime minister.

    Josh Frydenberg has been sworn in as the new treasurer.

    Earlier this week Morrison pledged his support to Malcolm Turnbull as prime minister. Now on Friday he has replaced him. It has been an incredible few days. Here is a timeline of events.

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    Peter Dutton has spoken to the ABC after his failed attempt at becoming the new Liberal party leader. He says he has no regrets.

    "I think it's a turning point and I think it's a healing point for the Liberal Party," Dutton told the ABC. "I think we now look forward instead of back."

    “Obviously there's animosity that ran deep within the party from when Malcolm Turnbull deposed Tony Abbott and we now draw a line under all of that and look forward."

    Turnbull took aim at Dutton and former prime minister Tony Abbott in his final speech as prime minister on Friday, accusing them of deliberately attacking the government from within. "They did so because they wanted to bring the government down. They wanted to bring my prime ministership down," Turnbull said.

    In response, Dutton told the ABC: "For me, I only ever nominated because I believed I was a better person and a person of greater strength and integrity to lead the Liberal Party."

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    The Liberal politicians who signed the petition calling for a second leadership vote.

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    "There was a determined insurgency from a number of people both in the party room and backed by voices, powerful voices, in the media.” These were some of Malcolm Turnbull's parting words.

    "There was a determined insurgency from a number of people both in the party room and backed by voices, powerful voices, in the media.” Malcolm Turnbull points out who is to blame for the Liberal leadership spill.

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    BuzzFeed News' political editor Alice Workman asked Scott Morrison why the Liberal party had removed another sitting prime minister today. This was his answer:

    I asked new prime minister Scott Morrison to explain to the Australian people why his party removed another sitting Prime Minister today. Here is his (very short) answer:

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    Election now? Not so fast.

    There was speculation that there would be an early election as a result of this week's drama, but incoming prime minister Scott Morrison suggested it would be a while before he would call one.

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    So what does ScoMo say to people who ask why the PM was torn down?

    Scott Morrison responded to a question from BuzzFeed News by stating that neither he nor Josh Frydenberg were part of the group who tore Malcolm Turnbull down and were "loyal and committed to the government that we were privileged to form part of."

    Morrison revealed that Frydenberg would be taking the role of treasurer.

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    Josh Frydenberg's turn

    "The last week has been about us, and from here on it is the Australian people," new Liberal deputy leader Josh Frydenberg says.

    "Every waking hour of the Morrison government will be spent delivering for the Australian people."

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    Scott Morrison speaks

    The incoming prime minister has painted himself as the "new generation" of the Liberal Party, stating that he and deputy Josh Frydenberg are "on your side", and people who "have a go, get a go."

    He has repeated some of the Turnbull era lines, like "the best form of welfare is a job"

    He said he believes in choice like "who comes to this country," echoing John Howard's famous line on immigration, or what school your kids go to. This suggests there might be a change in policy on school funding, which had made the Catholic sector very upset.

    Morrison joked that people could also choose their football team, "I would suggest the Sharks." but said that wasn't national policy.

    He admitted the Liberal party had been "battered and bruised" by the events of this week.

    He said his immediate priority would be the drought.

    "This is our most urgent and pressing need right now."

    Morrison said outgoing PM Malcolm Turnbull was a "dear friend" who had served the country in a noble and professional way.

    "He's a great Australian who has contributed a great deal to this country."

    He said Julie Bishop had been a "rock star" not only in the government but also on Twitter and Facebook. And said he would talk to her about the role she would have in his government.

    Peter Dutton would also likely be offered a role in the government, Morrison said.

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    Sky News After Dark to blame for this week's mess?

    The outgoing PM Malcolm Turnbull, pointedly, didn't take any questions from News Corp journalists at his final press conference (save for one fill-in question from Sky News' Kieran Gilbert).

    It was clear that the prime minister blamed much of his current predicament on Australia's right wing media, particularly the Murdoch newspapers, and what is commonly referred to as Sky News After Dark, right wing commentary on the news channel after 6pm that is fast becoming Australia's Fox News, just without the ratings.

    But with every MP's office and every airport lounge having a Foxtel connection, its influence cannot be underestimated.

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    Bill Shorten Pays Tribute To Malcolm Turnbull

    Opposition leader Bill Shorten is gracious as he sends off the PM:

    "Politics can be a brutal business.

    For Malcolm, for Lucy, for their family and for his personal staff, who are as loyal and as close as family, this is a very hard day indeed.

    In 2016, Malcolm and I led our two parties in the longest election campaign in fifty years and in some respects, I suppose we have been engaged in that same contest in the two years since.

    But for all our verbal conflict, for all the fierce words we’ve exchanged, I hope Malcolm knows that I have always respected him as a formidable opponent, as an advocate of great intellect and eloquence and as someone who came to parliament, relatively late in life, because he was driven by the desire to serve.

    Australian politics will always need people like that, on all sides.

    The final observation I would make may seem a small thing but I believe it says a great deal.

    On many occasions, Malcolm and I would speak at the same events. I don’t think any Australian Prime Minister has used the word ‘love’ more frequently in his public remarks.

    Anyone who listened to him speak could always hear his deep and profound love for his wife Lucy, for their children and grandchildren. But also his abiding love for our country.

    I hope the future brings Malcolm plenty of relaxing paddles in the kayak, plenty of stories to read and re-read to the grandchildren - and many long and happy days with his loved ones.

    Chloe and I wish him, Lucy and their family well."

    If you want a sign that Labor will now say how nice Turnbull was and how bad the new PM is, immediately after this was sent out, shadow treasurer Chris Bowen put out a release saying "SloMo" was moving deck chairs.

    "Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg have presided over a failed economic plan and a failed energy plan – the Turnbull Government’s failure is their failure," he said.

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    Turnbull's final speech as prime minister

    "There was a determined insurgency from a number of people both in the party room and backed by voices, powerful voices, in the media. Really to if not bring down the government, certainly bring down my prime ministership. It was extraordinary. "

    Before he dashed off to the governor-general, here was what Turnbull had to say to the media, and the questions (from non-News Corp journos) he answered.

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    Who is ScoMo?

    Not quite sure who the soon-to-be 30th prime minister of Australia is? Read all about him.

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    There was never a more exciting time

    Mourning Malcolm? This is what Australia's 29th prime minister will be remembered for.

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    In a subtle dig at Peter Dutton, Malcolm Turnbull warns that a future Coalition government must not allow the "politics of race or division" to divide the country.

    "We are the most successful multicultural society in the world, and I have always defended that and advanced that as one of our greatest assets," he said.

    "We must never allow the politics of race or division or of setting Australians against each other to become part of our political culture. We have so much going for us in this country. "

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    Malcolm Turnbull has taken aim at the "insurgents" Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton, as well as the media, for deliberately attacking the government from within.

    Turnbull said he was "dumb struck" and "appalled" by the conduct of his colleagues in the last week.

    "To imagine that a Government would be rocked by this sort of disloyalty and deliberate, you know, insurgency, is the best way to describe it, deliberate destructive action, at a time when - you know, there are differences on policy but frankly all of them were sort of - able to be resolved with a little bit of good will," he said.

    Turnbull said he believes many Australians will be shaking their head in disbelief at what has happened in Canberra this week.

    "The people who chose, Peter Dutton and Tony Abbott and others, who chose to deliberately attack the government from within, they did so because they wanted to bring the government down. They wanted to bring my prime ministership down.... the consequence is that I'm no longer PM."

    But, he added that the insurgents were not rewarded with the elevation of Peter Dutton to the nation's top job.

    Turnbull said during his time he has tried to keep the party together, "and that has meant that from time to time I have had to compromise and make concessions".

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    Malcolm Turnbull says he will quit parliament soon.

    In his last press conference, the outgoing prime minister says he remains "optimist and positive about our nation's future".

    "I want to thank the Australian people for the support they've given me and my Government over the last nearly three years."

    Turnbull outlines what he thinks are the achievements of his time in office: - high economic growth - tax reform - Snowy Hydro 2.0 - legalising same-sex marriage - establishing a national redress scheme for victims of child sexual abuse - improving mental health services - resettlement deal with the United States for refugees on Manus and Nauru - exempting Australia from US tariffs on steel and aluminium - reestablishing the Australian Building and Construction Commission

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    Last year BuzzFeed News went out and asked the Australian public if they knew who Scott Morrison is. It did not go well...

    It turns out people don't really know who Scott Morrison is #auspol

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    Need to know what just happened?

    We have a helpful explainer right here.

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    Peter Dutton pledges "absolute loyalty" to ScoMo

    As he left the partyroom, failed leadership contender Peter Dutton has said he pledged absolute loyalty to the new leader Scott Morrison.

    Morrison said he would be making comments a bit later.

    Former prime minister Tony Abbott said that although the party had lost the prime minister, it still had a government to save.

    Greg Hunt, who went for the deputy leadership, described the new Morrison-Frydenberg team as the "next generation" of political leaders.

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    The new deputy Liberal leader

    Josh Frydenberg started out the week with the then-prime minister basically gutting his National Energy Guarantee policy of all of the climate change components, and ended the week being the deputy Liberal leader.

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    Australia, say hello to your prime minister-designate.

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    Energy minister Josh Frydenberg will be the deputy

    Josh Frydenberg won the deputy leadership with an absolute majority, so no number was provided.

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    Scott Morrison will be the next Liberal leader and prime minister

    Scott Morrison beat Peter Dutton 45-40.

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    Bishop out

    Julie Bishop is out in the first round, meaning it is now between Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton.

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    Spill motion carried 45-40

    This means that there will be a new Liberal leader and prime minister, and Malcolm Turnbull will resign from parliament.

    Interestingly, it was down to three votes, and if Mathias Cormann, Michaelia Cash, and Mitch Fifield hadn't flipped yesterday....

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    While we wait, let's remember how we got to this position.

    Before the result comes out let’s recap #libspill #auspol

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    Turnbull arrives at the meeting flanked by close ally Craig Laundy and former minister Arthur Sinodinos, who has returned to Canberra amid cancer treatment.

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    The meeting is underway

    So first there is the spill motion. If that is successful, Turnbull won't run, and is expected to resign from parliament immediately, triggering a by-election in his Sydney seat of Wentworth.

    Reports are there will be no speeches for either of the three leadership candidates, which means it should be a quicker process.

    Then the deputy will need to be decided, so it might be a little while before we know the results yet.

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    MPs are starting to file into the meeting, and a Nationals MP had this to say.

    “They’re only picking the Liberal leader not the prime minister” @broad4mallee tells me #libspill #auspol

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    The meeting is on at 12.20pm

    Whips memo to Liberal MPs says meeting at 12.20pm today #Libspill #Auspol

    Liberal party members have been called to the meeting that will determine the next PM at 12:20pm.


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    Turnbull is checking the receipts

    I have just been provided with a request for a meeting of the Parliamentary Liberal Party. It has 43 signatures. As soon as they are verified by the Whips, which should not take long, the meeting will be called.

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    The petition has been delivered. It's on.

    After a bit of an impasse over whether Turnbull would get a hold of the petition before 12 or not (with concerns of recriminations for the 43 who signed), Dutton walked into the PM's office and took the petition to him.

    This means the meeting will be held at 12pm AEST.

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    Peter Dutton claims vindication

    In a statement, Dutton has claimed that the solicitor-general has cleared him over s44 issues, and said the claims otherwise were "false, unsubstantiated, and malicious".

    Peter Dutton issues statement arguing he's been cleared of any constitutional issues by the Solicitor-General. Describes the suggestions he was ineligible as "malicious" @politicsabc #auspol

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    The solicitor-general's advice on Dutton's eligibility is...unclear.

    The solicitor-general's advice is that Dutton is "not incapable" of sitting in parliament under s44 of the Constitution. This is to do with whether Dutton's interest in a company that runs childcare centres that receive government money would make him ineligible to sit in parliament.

    Solicitor-general Stephen Donaghue is pretty blunt that, well, he can't exactly be certain what the High Court would so hold.

    "in my opinion the better view is that Mr Dutton is not incapable of sitting as a member of the House of Representatives," he said.

    But then Donaghue goes on to say the High Court "might conclude that there is a conflict" and he said that he has had access to very little information about the operations of the companies involved, and his opinion might be different if he had more information.

    He said it is unlikely Dutton would be found ineligible, but said it is not possible to reach a definitive conclusion without more detailed factual information.

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    The solicitor-general has delivered his advice to attorney-general Christian Porter

    Christian Porter has passed on that advice on whether Peter Dutton is eligible to sit in parliament under s44 of the Constitution to both Dutton and prime minister Malcolm Turnbull.

    It is expected the advice will be made public very soon.

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    BuzzFeed News speaks to former Rudd and Gillard staffers who can't believe the Liberals are doing exactly what Labor did

    Lane Sainty spoke to a couple of former staffers for then-PMs Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd about the Liberal party leadership turmoil. They saw two PMs knifed up close, and now can't believe the Liberals are doing it again.

    "I can’t believe that Labor did it once. I couldn’t believe it when Labor did it twice. I couldn’t believe it when the Libs did it a first time and now I can’t believe the Libs are doing it a second time," former staffer Sean Kelly said.

    You can read Lane's full report here.

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    Here's your morning update:

    • The Liberal partyroom meeting is still due for 12pm AEST.
    • The petition with 43 signatures to call the partyroom has still not been sighted.
    • Dutton supporters are complaining that even though they wanted this process, they don't think it should need 43 signatures because those names would then be made public. Eric Abetz told RN Breakfast this morning that those 43 elected members of parliament would then be "bullied" for supporting the meeting.
    • It is looking like a three-horned contest if the spill motion gets up, between Dutton, Julie Bishop, and Scott Morrison. Malcolm Turnbull will stand aside if the spill motion is successful. It's not clear who will run for deputy, with lots of names being thrown around.
    • We are waiting for the solicitor-general, Stephen Donaghue, to release advice on whether Dutton may be ineligible to sit in parliament under section 44 sometime this morning.
    • Former Turnbull government minister Arthur Sinodinos, who has been off since December getting treatment for cancer, has come down to Canberra today for the partyroom meeting.
    • Peter Dutton's electorate office in Queensland was vandalised overnight.
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    One of these three people could be Australia's prime minister this afternoon.

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    Mathias Cormann spoke to Sky News this morning about why he shifted his support away from Malcolm Turnbull and towards Peter Dutton.

    .@MathiasCormann: I have served @TurnbullMalcolm loyally since 2015 but in the end, I could not ignore the reality that was in front of us. FULL COVERAGE: @Foxtel channel 103 & #auspol #libspill

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    "Australia. We owe you an apology. I'm sorry," Nationals MP Darren Chester tweeted last night.

    Australia. We owe you an apology. I’m sorry. You deserve better than many of the things our Federal Parliament has served up to you for the past 10 years. Believe me: there’s a lot of good people on both sides of the chamber and we can do better. Don’t give up. #auspol #shitday

    This morning he repeated the apology.

    "We owe the Australian people a huge apology. I'm sorry their parliament hasn't been what they expected over the past ten years." @DarrenChesterMP tells @RNBreakfast

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    The West Australian has made it clear who it's supporting if there's a leadership spill today.

    The front page of tomorrow's The West Australian. #wanews #perthnews #auspol #libspill

    The rest of the papers tend to focus on the incumbent.

    Hang on, or is this the front page of Friday’s The Daily Telegraph #auspol

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    It is being reported Peter Dutton's electoral office in Strathpine, north of Brisbane, was vandalised overnight. The ABC reports six windows and two doors were smashed.

    Vandals have attacked the Qld electorate office of Liberal leadership contender Peter Dutton. Bricks have been thrown thru windows at the Strathpine office. @abcbrisbane @abcnews #libspill

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    And of course there's the question of Dutton's eligibility to sit in parliament. On Thursday night he released these three tweets:

    Today I received advice from former SG David Bennett AC QC which clearly states I am eligible to sit as a Member of Parliament. 1/3

    Mr Bennett was successful in the High Court in Re Canavan and provided advice to Malcolm Turnbull on the eligibility of Justine Keay, Susan Lamb & Rebekha Sharkie, later confirmed by the High Court. 2/3

    This advice is in addition to my original advice from Guy Reynolds SC which also confirmed I was not in breach of s.44(v). Mr Bennett’s unequivocal advice puts to rest the spurious & unsubstantiated allegations raised against by eligibility. 3/3

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    Good morning.

    Tomorrow’s Herald Sun front page ⁦@theheraldsun⁩

    Australia may be getting a new prime minister today.

    There are two main questions: Do the rebels have the 43 signatures prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has demanded to hold a party room at 12pm AEST today. And if there is a spill, who will stand?

    Former home affairs minister Peter Dutton, treasurer Scott Morrison and foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop are all reported to be considering putting their hands up.

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    The night is upon us.

    No petition has been delivered to the PM, yet, but it is reportedly close to the 43 signatures.

    In the meantime, here's a graphic we've made to catch you up on all the drama this week (so far).

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    This was prime minister Malcolm Turnbull's dramatic press conference earlier today.

    “Australians will be rightly appalled by what they are witnessing in their nations parliament today.” Malcolm Turnbull condemns the internal squabbling of the Liberal party.

    Turnbull said he would only call a party room meeting if he was presented with a petition containing 43 signatures. If it is delivered, a meeting will take place at 12pm AEST on Friday.

    He had some strong words for his opponents.

    "The reality is that a minority in the partyroom supported by others outside the parliament have sought to bully, intimidate others into making this change of leadership that they're seeking," the prime minister said.

    "It’s been described by many people, including those who feel they cannot resist it, as a form of madness.

    "It is remarkable that we are at this point, when only a month ago we were – as you all know being avid readers of polls – just a little bit behind Labor in the public polls and on our own polls, a little bit ahead. But on any view thoroughly competitive."

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    Spare a thought for Peter Dutton, a 30-year-old popcorn entrepreneur living in Austin, Texas.

    I wish the people of Australia would look at my profile and realize I’m a 30 yr old black man before sending me tweets and DMs.

    BuzzFeed News spoke to Dutton, no not that one, earlier today.

    He said he was getting a lot of mean messages meant for Peter Dutton the politician.

    On the plus side, he's made a bunch of Australian friends online since he started tweeting about being confused for the other Peter Dutton.

    And yes, he's ready to serve as prime minister if Australia needs him.

    Pretty sure my last tweet has made me the leading candidate for PM of Australia. USA! It’s been real, mate. ✌🏾

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    This was Greens leader Richard Di Natale in the Senate this afternoon.

    "You are so focused on yourselves you have forgotten what this country elected you to do!" Richard Di Natale gives a POWERFUL speech in the senate 🔥

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    The Senate motion failed

    After lots of fiery debate from all sides, the motion failed 31-35, with only Labor and the Greens voting for it.

    In the meantime, there is a lot of talk about who will be actually running for the top job tomorrow (or maybe later tonight), with Julie Bishop the latest contender.

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    The looks on the former ministers' faces as Wong roasts them in the Senate, my god

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    Labor is moving a motion of no confidence in the government in the Senate

    The motion would call on the government to go to the governor-general and call an election (it wouldn't force the government to actually do that).

    Labor's leader in the Senate, Penny Wong: "You have forgotten every Australian but yourself. That is what we have seen this week over & over again with each act of ill discipline, each act of internal hatred, each act of disunity which has resulted in a government front bench which has Barry O'Sullivan down the end."

    Here is the no confidence motion being moved by Labor right now in the Senate.

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    A photo taken of former PM Julia Gillard today.

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    You'd expect the last Labor PM to go through all of this might be watching the whole spectacle with popcorn in hand, but this is what former PM Julia Gillard had to say about the events going on in Canberra.

    Julia Gillard was today asked about Peter Dutton and whether the left underestimated the right. “What got underestimated isn’t the power of the right, it’s people’s sense of anxiety about the world … If we underestimate that then we empower the people who try to channel it"

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    So many ministers have resigned, meaning the senators left in parliament are acting in a lot of portfolios. A lot.

    Marise Payne seems to be taking on most ministries this afternoon.

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    Here's where we are at

    • A whole bunch of Turnbull government ministers have resigned, and said prime minister Malcolm Turnbull doesn't have the support of the partyroom
    • Turnbull is refusing to call a partyroom meeting until he is presented with a letter with 43 signatures calling for the meeting
    • There are reportedly 37 signatures
    • The meeting would be held at 12pm on Friday.
    • The solicitor-general will provide advice to government before that on whether Peter Dutton is eligible to sit in parliament under section 44 of the Constitution due to his wife's interest in childcare centres that were paid by the government.
    • If a spill motion at that meeting is successful, then Turnbull won't run as a candidate
    • Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison are expected to run
    • Turnbull said he won't stay in parliament once he ceases to be prime minister
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    Turnbull: "[This] is a very deliberate effort to pull the Liberal Party further to the right"

    A tiny bit more from that Turnbull presser. He doesn't answer a question on whether he'd encourage his supporters to back Scott Morrison in a leadership vote against Dutton. But he did offer this:

    "I think what we're witnessing, what we have witnessed at the moment is a very deliberate effort to pull the Liberal Party further to the right. And that's been stated by the number of people who have been involved in this."

    "I won't get into the merits of that, but I just say that what began as a minority has by a process of intimidation, you know, persuaded people that the only way to stop the insurgency is to give in to it. I do not believe in that. I have never done that. I have never given in to bullies, but you can imagine the pressure it's put people under."

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    More from Turnbull: "I believe former prime ministers are best out of the parliament."

    Turnbull will quit parliament if the leadership spill is successful.

    "I made it very clear that I believe former Prime Ministers are best out of the Parliament and I don't think there's much evidence to suggest that that conclusion is correct. It's not correct," he said.

    He also offered some pre-emptive parting remarks on his government, saying it has been effective and achieved a lot, and thanked cabinet ministers.

    And then, an assessment of what's happening right now:

    "The reality is that a minority in the party room supported by others outside the Parliament have sought to bully, intimidate others into making this change of leadership that they're seeking. It's been described by many people, including those who feel they cannot resist it as a form of madness, and it is remarkable we're at this point where only a month ago we were being, as you all know being avid readers of polls, just little bit behind Labor and in our own polls a little bit ahead, but in any view thoroughly competitive."

    Turnbull says he won’t stay in parliament if he’s rolled

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    Turnbull is not 👏 backing 👏 down 👏 ... yet. He's waiting for the petition before calling a meeting.

    If he gets a letter with 43 signatures on it calling for a party room meeting, he'll hold that meeting at 12pm tomorrow, Turnbull said at a press conference on Thursday.

    If he doesn't get the letter, no meeting!

    If the meeting does go ahead, Turnbull said he'll call for a spill motion – a vote on whether or not the spill vote goes ahead. (Stay with me here.) If that motion carries, he'll take it as vote of no confidence and stand down.

    Turnbull also mentioned the section 44 cloud surrounding challenger Peter Dutton.

    He says it's important party members have access to the advice of the government's top lawyer on Dutton's eligibility before that meeting.

    "I cannot underline too much how important it is that anyone who seeks to be prime minister of Australia is eligible to be a member of parliament," he said.

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    SCENES from the madness in the House of Reps. Crossbenchers watching on, and MPs leaving after the decision to adjourn.

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    Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has called a press conference for 1pm. Standby.

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    This was the scene in the House of Reps earlier when the government adjourned the house until September 10.

    “We just wish you would turn up to work!” Bill Shorten has absolutely slammed the government for adjourning the House of Representatives.

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    All bets are off, it seems. One Nation leader Pauline Hanson was sitting on the front bench in the Senate.

    Pauline Hanson is sitting on the govenment frontbench in the Senate. Just in case you needed further proof that Parliament is in utter chaos.

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    The moment the House adjourned.

    The slow fade from "You're a disgrace!" to the Parlview placeholder music after the House of Reps adjourns...

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    Senate business is still continuing and former minister James McGrath voted for Katter Australia Party senator Fraser Anning's motion to make English the official language of Australia.

    James McGrath, Steve Martin and Barry O’Sullivan are currently voting in favour of Fraser Anning’s motion.

    The motion failed 44-9

    Can you believe that Anning's "final solution" speech was only one week ago?

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    If they look up from their phones this evening, Canberra's politicians will see the International Space Station passing over the city.

    The ISS, a habitable satellite currently carrying three American, two Russian, and one German cosmonauts will be hurtling over the ACT tonight at 8km per second and will become visible at exactly 7:04pm.

    • Elfy Scott.
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    Au pair case headed to a Senate inquiry

    The Senate is still sitting amid all this mess, and just voted to refer the case of Peter Dutton mysteriously granting visas to a couple of au pairs to a Senate committee. Fun times ahead.

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    House adjourned until September 10

    The government won the vote to adjourn the House of Reps until the next sitting week. Turnbull sat in the prime minister's chair in the House of Reps for likely the last time.

    We still don't have confirmation on when a partyroom meeting will be held, but it is likely to take place this afternoon.

    The Senate is still currently sitting.

    There's a lot of noise about who will run, but reports are it will be a contest between Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison, with Greg Hunt and Steve Ciobo potentially vying off to be Dutton's deputy, while Kelly O'Dwyer could be ScoMo's deputy.

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    The government is trying to adjourn parliament for the day

    Christopher Pyne is moving to adjourn parliament for today, basically so that a party meeting can be held and MPs don't have to worry about rushing back out of the meeting for votes.

    Manager of opposition business Tony Burke is objecting, saying it is only being done because the government doesn't know who the ministers or prime minister will be.

    Opposition leader Bill Shorten said that Labor had offered to not call any divisions during the meeting, but the government still insisted on adjourning.

    He said that Australia no longer had a functioning government, and what was needed was not a new Liberal leader, but a new government.

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    Peter Dutton's favourite* union, the CFMEU, has released polling showing just 10.2% of people prefer Dutton as PM, compared to 38.1% for the PM, 29.2% for Julie Bishop, and 14% for Tony Abbott. Two-party preferred vote comes out at 47-53 for Labor.

    55.5& of people polled said they would be less likely to vote for the Liberal Party with Peter Dutton as leader in CFMMEU ReacTEL poll

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    Trade minister Steve Ciobo is gone. He was giving a speech about the TPP11 in the House of Reps less than an hour ago

    I have resigned as Minister for Trade, Tourism & Investment. Serving as Minister has been an absolute honour. We have achieved much. Regrettably, it is clear to me the Prime Minister has lost the support of the Party Room and it is critical the leadership is resolved.

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    Turnbull's ministers are tweeting out their resignation letters.

    This morning I spoke with the Prime Minister and tendered my resignation

    This morning I tendered my resignation to the Prime Minister. It has been a privilege to serve as Minister for Law Enforcement and Cyber Security and I remain deeply committed to the people of Hume.

    I have tendered my resignation as Minister, having offered it on Monday. This is a decision I have not taken lightly. However, this morning it became clear that there is no longer the support for PM, including from members of leadership group. It has been a great honour to serve.

    With a heavy heart, I have handed my resignation to Malcolm Turnbull. It has been a great honour to serve, but it has become clear that he’s lost the support of the Liberal Party room. In the best interests of all Australians, it’s important that the leadership is now resolved.

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    There is speculation that treasurer Scott Morrison could also put his hand up if there is a leadership vote today. This is getting very messy.

    BREAKING: The ABC has been told the Treasurer Scott Morrison will run in a leadership ballot against Peter Dutton #libspill #auspol

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    Peter Dutton has quite the collection of old tweets. This is what you'll find if you go through his timeline.

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    A week is a long time in politics. This picture was taken YESTERDAY.

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    Labor missed by one vote to refer Peter Dutton to the High Court

    Tony Burke moved the motion amid all the other chaos happening today. It was a close vote, 68-69, with the crossbench (sans Bob Katter who is still away) voting with Labor to refer Dutton to the High Court over issues with his eligibility to sit in Parliament under section 44 of the Constitution.

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    Meet Peter Craig Dutton, the man who could be the next prime minister of Australia.

    Dutton studied a bachelor of business at Queensland University of Technology before working as a police officer from 1990 to 1999.

    In his first speech to parliament Dutton complained that the "boisterous minority and politically correct" had a disproportionate say in public debate.

    An opponent of marriage equality, Dutton told pro-equality CEOs to “stick to their knitting”, and said the Turnbull government “would not be bullied” into changing its stance on gay marriage.

    When then Labor prime minister Kevin Rudd delivered an apology to the Stolen Generation in 2008, Dutton boycotted the speech.

    Here are 27 things you need to know about Peter Dutton - the man who could be the next prime minister.

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    Meanwhile, in the House of Representatives.

    Tony Burke is trying to get Dutton referred to the High Court in the House of Reps right now

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    Time for something a bit lighter:

    Literally just 15 memes that perfectly define Australian politics right now.

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    “I did not want to be in this position...” @MathiasCormann

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    Absolutely wild press pack for Cormann, Cash and Fifield

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    Cormann, Cash, and Fifield have told the PM he no longer has the support of the partyroom.

    Finance minister Mathias Cormann, employment minister Michaelia Cash, and communications minister Mitch Fifield have told Turnbull he no longer has the support of the Liberal partyroom.

    "We didn't take this decision lightly," Cormann said. "The prime minister since he was elected leader of the Liberal party... has had my loyal support."

    "I did not want to be in this position."

    He says the PM calling a spill motion on Tuesday made it clear the position of many in the party.

    Fifield said that the situation could not be allowed to continue and it needed to be resolved. Cash said a partyroom meeting must be held.

    All three have tendered their resignations to the prime minister.

    Cormann said he could not say whether the prime minister would call a partyroom meeting, and said he did not want to be in the position of no longer supporting Turnbull.

    "I can't ignore reality. When I have five cabinet colleagues excluding me, telling me they supported Malcolm on Tuesday but they have changed their position, that is not something I can ignore."

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    So...what about those au pairs?

    Lots of people want to know.

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    Dueling section 44 advice! Peter Dutton has released his own legal advice saying he is in the clear over his eligibility to sit in parliament, and claims it is a "spurious and baseless campaign" against him. Interestingly, Labor's advice released yesterday was obtained by the party in April.

    Peter Dutton has released the legal advice arguing he’s in the clear over s44 Constitional issues @politicsabc #auspol

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    Nationals MP Michelle Landry has thrown a bucket on Tony Abbott, calling the attempts for a second leadership vote a "disgrace".

    "I do think this is Tony Abbott and his mates that's doing this, and it is a disgrace. It is revenge on him losing prime ministership, and, you know, I've had enough. My electorate has had enough," Landry told reporters as she entered parliament on Thursday morning.

    "You know, if they're going to change, do it today, and let us get on with the job."

    Landry said enough is enough.

    "Everyone's had a gutful of this. Let's get on with the job. The Prime Minister was elected on Tuesday. I think that we just need to get on with things. I'm meeting up with some kids today with juvenile diabetes. They're the important things, these young kids having four injections a day. The general public has had an absolute gutful of this."

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    Liberal MP Sarah Henderson has told ABC Melbourne that she was offered a ministry role to switch her vote from Malcolm Turnbull to Peter Dutton.

    @SHendersonMP says she was approached by @PeterDutton_MP camp and offered inducements including potential ministry. She declined. #auspol #libspill #Faine

    'To be rewarded for an act of treachery would be a terrible thing," Henderson told ABC radio.

    Henderson holds the marginal seat of Corangamite in Victoria by just 0.3 per cent.

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    On Wednesday, BuzzFeed News went out and asked the people of Sydney what they thought of Peter Dutton and Malcolm Turnbull. And who would make a better PM: Dutton, Turnbull or the Honey Badger?

    We asked people if they can recognise Peter Dutton and the Honey Badger. (Feat. an unexpected cameo from English rugby league great Adrian Morley… just watch it ok)

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    Peter Dutton said on Tuesday that he would have loved to get all refugees and asylum seekers off Nauru and Manus Island on a charter flight overnight.

    As the responsible minister, Dutton certainly had the capacity to get everyone off Nauru and Manus Island. But he chose not to under the long-running government justification of stopping the boats, and therefore deaths at sea.

    And in recent months, the department has fought tooth and nail against a number of very sick kids and adults coming to Australia for urgent medical treatment — even when doctors have warned they face an imminent risk of death.

    Lane Sainty reports on the recent legal battles involving getting sick children off Nauru.

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    Within minutes of the first spill vote being lost on Tuesday, Coalition rebels were telling BuzzFeed News that planning was underway for challenge number two.

    One conservative noted that Turnbull spent seven months planning his leadership challenge on former PM Tony Abbott; the failed Dutton plan was put together in less than a fortnight.

    Asked when the next challenge would be, one politician replied: "Hours... days... weeks". Followed by an emoji of a person shrugging.

    Another said: "Who knows... we're fucked".

    - Alice Workman

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    Here are some facts about Peter Dutton, the man who just challenged Malcolm Turnbull again for the leadership of the Liberal party.

    Some silly facts about the man who could be our new PM.

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    Nationals MP Kevin Hogan says he'll sit on the crossbench if there is another spill.

    Nationals MP Kevin Hogan has said he will move to the crossbench if there is a second leadership challenge. The member for Page said he would still guarantee supply to a Dutton government and vote against motions of no confidence in the Coalition, but would not attend joint party room meetings.

    "I am announcing today, that if there is another leadership spill for the position of Prime Minister prior to the next federal election, I will remove myself from the government benches and sit on the cross benches," Hogan said on Thursday morning.

    "The Liberal Party does not deserve my support. Apart from the basic supply and no confidence motions, other than that it will be on a case-by-case basis.

    "I do not condone what the Labor and Liberal Party is doing with the office of Prime Minister and I understand people's cynicism because of this revolving door issue.

    But Hogan said he won't be leaving the National party.

    "I am very committed to the Nationals... I do not have a problem with my team, the problem is we are in a coalition with the Liberal Party."

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    Yesterday, attorney-general Christian Porter announced he had sought advice from the solicitor-general on whether Dutton may be ineligible to sit in parliament due to section 44 issues related to government payments to child care centres Dutton's wife's company owns.

    Meanwhile, Christian Porter confirms he's asked the Solicitor-General to look into that s44 issue.

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    Peter Dutton is facing a potential Senate inquiry on his mysterious decision to grant visas to au pairs who attempted to enter Australia on tourist visa in 2015. Dutton has previously denied knowing either of the au pairs, who were able to get a visa from Dutton after a phone call from Brisbane airport.

    The Senate will decide ~ 11:45am whether to refer Peter Dutton's au pair visa decision to a Senate inquiry

    This is Peter Dutton’s second attempt at unseating the prime minister, after losing his first bid 48–35 on Tuesday.

    A few minutes ago I spoke with Malcolm Turnbull to advise him I believed the majority of the party room no longer supported his leadership. Accordingly, I asked him to convene a party room meeting at which I would challenge for the leadership of the Parliamentary Liberal Party.

    Dutton tweeted his intention to issue a second challenge on Thursday morning.

    He fronted the media at Parliament House for less than a minute to repeat this threat.

    “Earlier this morning I called the Prime Minister to advise him that it was my judgment that the majority of the party room no longer supported his leadership,” Dutton said.

    “As such, I asked him to convene a meeting of the Liberal Party at which I would challenge for the leadership of the parliamentary Liberal Party.”

    Dutton supporters claimed to BuzzFeed News on Thursday morning they had 25 of the 43 signatures required on a petition calling for a party room meeting.