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Our New AR Technology Will Make The Ghost Who's Haunting You Actually Appear In Your Room

Identify the supernatural presences around you using our AR Paranormal Detection Technology™. WARNING: If you have trouble sleeping, or have an extreme paranoia about inviting evil spirits into your home, proceed with caution.

Many of us have inexplicable experiences, like seeing shadows out of the corner of our eye or sensing a menacing spirit in an old building or attic.

Just answer a few simple questions and BuzzFeed Lab's new Paranormal Detection Technology™ will detect the energy and field fluctuations to identify the real-life spirits that haunt you. Once we’ve identified your ghost, you can summon them into your room using AR — and be sure to turn the sound on so you can hear what they have to say.

Your ghost named has materialized. Now, it's time for you two to get to know each other.
Ghost Detector



How did I die?


Have you noticed me?

Summon ghost in to your room

AI Images generated with the VQGAN + CLIP AI model