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12 Reasons Jennifer Lawrence Is The Best Person In The Entire World

"Food is one of my favourite parts of the day."

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4. She's NOT a Hollywood barbie doll

Unlike some celebrities, she doesn't care about people calling her fat (even though she isn't), she makes interviwes funny by just being who she is, and by the gesture she did at the Oscars I think it's safe to say that's she's pretty badass...

5. She's one of the few people that don't need makeup do look like a freakin' celebrity!

Honestly, I think that putting on makeup just covers up who you really are, and sometimes, even makes you look older, but there are some people who need it, but I'm 100% sure that Jennifer Lawrence is not one of them.

6. She doesn't weight 20 pounds

The thing I admire the most about J-Law is that she doesn't starve herself to look good in movies, photos or anything, she has no shame (and rightly so) on eating pizza at the Oscars or talking about food in interviews!

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