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Which Of Jennifer Lawrence's Movies Is The Best?

Everybody knows that all of Jennifer Lawrence's movies are simply the best, but which of them is REALLY the best?

buzzfeed987 3 years ago

How Many Julianne Moore Movies Have You Seen?

Are you a true Julianne Moore fan? Take this quiz to find out.

buzzfeed987 3 years ago

Who Do You Think The "Scream Queens" Red Devil Is?

We asked you back in September, but a lot's happened since then.

buzzfeed987 3 years ago

Who Is Woody Allen's Best Leading Actress?

They were all Oscar winners' worthy, but who is the best of them all?

buzzfeed987 3 years ago

Who Do You Think Is The Best Actress Ever?

Prepare yourself, because this is probably the hardest poll you'll ever take.

buzzfeed987 3 years ago

10 Things That Are Simply The Worst

Most of these things happen to me every day...

buzzfeed987 4 years ago

12 Reasons Jennifer Lawrence Is The Best Person In The Entire World

"Food is one of my favourite parts of the day."

buzzfeed987 4 years ago

Who Do You Think A Is On "Pretty Little Liars"?

Seriously, who the hell is A?!

buzzfeed987 4 years ago

Are You Really Awesome?

Of course you think you're awesome, but are you really?

buzzfeed987 4 years ago