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    15 Pictures That Only People Who Were Middle Schoolers In The 2000s Will Understand

    I got three words for ya: white. out. manicures.

    1. Having ~Oxford~ notebooks like these immediately made you cool:

    2. And every page of your textbook looked like this:

    3. And your pencil pouches definitely looked like this:

    4. You gave yourself and all of your friends extremely chic French manicures using white out:

    5. Or, if you were extra cool, one of these:

    6. The day you made the permanent switch over from mechanical pencils to one of these babies was monumental:

    7. And this ol thing was your foreign language teacher's BFF:

    8. You can still remember the blinding light that came out of this overhead projector:

    9. As well as the sensation of one of these melting on your tongue:

    10. You mastered the fine art of twirling one of these on your pencil without managing to slice off anyone's head:

    11. And nothing was as exhilarating as busting out a brand new, fancy schmancy eraser like this one:

    12. Even if, after only a few weeks, it turned into this:

    13. Giving yourself mechanical pencil "injections" was basically a national past time:

    14. Unless one of your friends had an actual ~cell phone~, which meant you got to spend ungodly amounts of time playing Snake.

    15. And, every night when you got home, the first thing you did was to log onto MSN messenger (or AIM!) so you could talk to your school friends some more, obviously.

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    This post was translated from French.