12 Reasons "Parks And Recreation" Is Clearly Superior To "The Office"

    ...And why Parks and Rec is the epitome of the 21st-century sitcom.

    1. Leslie Knope is an ambitious, ass-kicking, girlboss queen:

    2. Tom and Donna. That's it. That's the reason:

    3. Ron Swanson's entire existence:

    4. The Comedically Therapeutic Chronicles of April and Andy:

    5. The sheer weirdness of Jean-Ralphio and Mona-Lisa:

    6. Poor, sweet Jerry:

    7. Chris, always the optimist:

    8. Lil' Sebastian:

    9. The Tammys:

    10. Ben and his love for calzones

    11. April's relatability:

    12. And just the overall relatability:

    andy says "i have no idea what i'm doing, but i know i'm doing it really really well"