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Nov 2014
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    bryanap2 commented on What Do You Wish You Had Known Before Moving In Together?

    Everyone told me this and I never believed it until I moved in with my SO. Get some me time! And have a go to group of friends you can hang out with, separate from your SO. It's all about balancing friend time and SO time. Of course include your SO sometimes. But your friends are… 

    5 years ago

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    bryanap2 commented on What's The Worst Thing Your Family Has Asked You About Being Gay?

    Mom: "So your dad and I talked. We decided if you get pregnant you have to keep the baby." Me: "mom I'm dating another girl, we are both girls, if I become pregnant I will most definitely keep this miracle baby." Mom: "...oh. don't want a buzz cut do you?" Me: "...."

    6 years ago

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