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What's The Worst Thing Your Family Has Asked You About Being Gay?

It takes strength to be homo for the holidays.

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Being with your family for the holidays can be a pretty fun time of the year.

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More often than not, they're an infallible font of support, love, and care.

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But sometimes, when it comes to talking about your sexuality, they just... *don't* get it.

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Grandma, no. That's cataracts.

Maybe you've heard, "Between you and your boyfriend, who's the man and who's the woman?"

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"Uh, we're both men. That's sort of the point, Aunt Bess."

Or maybe, "So, young lady, do you want to have sex with every woman you see on the street?"

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"I mean, maybe you do, Drunk Uncle."

Or even, "Maybe you're just hanging out with the wrong crowd, kiddo."


Until you're finally saved by the one sane relative in the room.

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And they skyrocket to the top of your gift list as a result.

No matter how rough, real, or ridiculous the comment, tell us the worst thing your family has asked you about being gay below!

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The craziest responses will have the opportunity to be featured in a BuzzFeed post!

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