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10 Things I Loved The Most About America 美国最让我喜欢的十件事情

I reunited with Matt Stopera, and had an adventure of a lifetime. 我和马特在美国重逢了,一起开始了一场一生难忘的旅程。

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2. The Britney Spears Concert in Las Vegas 布兰妮演唱会

twitter / @mattstopera

Not only did we go to the concert, we also met Britney in person!


3. I Met Matt's Family 见了马特的家人

Dot Gong

His entire family came to meet me at the airport! I was so touched!



4. Visiting the BuzzFeed Office! 参观BuzzFeed办公室!

I received a very warm welcome. Hopefully I have a chance to come back to New York City.


7. Going to where Matt lost his phone! 去了马特掉了手机的酒吧

This is where our lifelong friendship started.


10. Margaritas! 玛格丽特鸡尾酒

@mattstopera / Via Twitter

I have never had one before this trip! I love them! We both had three that day.


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