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    20 Small Biz Subscriptions That Make Perfect Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

    Time's ticking, but you can still give your sweetie a thoughtful last-minute gift that's *not* a gift card.

    1. A Plant of the Month Club subscription to give to the special person in your life who thinks hugging trees > hugging people (except for you, of course!).

    The Plant of the Month Club kit containing a plant, pot, care instructions, and growing supplies

    2. A Spiffy Socks subscription for the S.O. who has a habit of buying new pairs to avoid doing laundry (ya gotta love 'em!). These come in fun designs, and are made from super soft and odor-repelling bamboo fiber.

    3. A Fly By Jing Sichuan chili crisp subscription to keep things ~spicy~. It's sure to become their favorite condiment, and they'll certainly want to re-up as soon as they consume the first jar.

    4. A Simple Loose Leaf Tea subscription they can cozy up with whenever they want to wind down with a soothing, hot bev. Choose from herbal, black, or green teas, or get a little frisky with a variety!

    The Simple Loose Leaf subscription box surrounded by four varieties of tea

    5. A Mix Box by Homemade Bakers, because while, yes, giving pre-made sweets on V-Day is the *traditional* thing to do, this will let them flex their pastry-making muscles so they can enjoy delicious desserts all year long. Just make sure they know that by receiving this gift they're legally obligated to share whatever they bake with you (past recipes include chocolate cherry-filled cupcakes and cranberry white chocolate blondies). 😋

    6. A handmade soap subscription that'll make your sweetie's bath time all the more enjoyable. These lovely soaps are dyed using natural clays and botanicals, and each bar is drizzled with honey for a silky smooth feel.

    Assorted bars of handmade soap on a wood shelf

    7. A Tokyo Treat subscription, because your S.O. wholeheartedly considers snacking a personality, specifically, theirs (isn't that why you fell for them in the first place?). As a huge fan of Japanese KitKats, I highly endorse this gift.

    A Tokyo Treat box filled with assorted snacks, with hands holding packages of Pocky and KitKats

    8. A Wickbox candle subscription you can customize based on their favorite scents, because, real talk: there's no such thing as having too many candles. Plus, it'll show them how much you actually do pay attention!

    A hand lighting a pink candle next to Wickbox's packaging

    9. A SinglesSwag subscription box for your blissfully unattached friend who knows that the secret of life is having one's own bed to sprawl out on. After all, V-Day isn't just reserved for romantic relationships — our best pals deserve displays of love, too! P.S. It's also the bestselling box on Cratejoy. 🙌

    The SinglesSwag subscription box surrounded by its contents, including a makeup palette, cookie tin, skincare products, jewelry, and nail accessories

    10. A Bean & Bean coffee subscription to keep your cutie caffeinated for months. The USDA organic, fair trade, and direct trade beans are freshly roasted prior to being shipped, so they'll enjoy a quality cup every time.

    Four purple bags of different varieties of coffee beans

    11. A Brightland olive oil subscription your aspiring chef/lover can use to elevate practically any dish they make at home to restaurant-quality. Plus, the gorgeous bottles will look great in their kitchen. They'll kick things off with Brightland's bestseller, The Duo, which includes their popular Awake and Alive olive oils.

    Bottles of Brightland's Awake and Alive olive oils

    12. A Stitch of the Month embroidery subscription that's perrrfect for partners whose favorite American Girl doll is Samantha (or, just casually mentioned wanting to learn how to sew). Each month they'll receive a new sampler featuring different types of stitches they can master, so you can basically expect a hand-knit sweater in return.

    Five samplers showcasing different stitches

    13. A Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Club subscription to give them some inspiration for what to make with all of those bottles just sitting in their liquor cabinet. Every month they'll receive three new recipes and the ingredients needed to make four servings of each one (sans alcohol), so you'd better hope they have you over for a happy hour.

    a cocktail kit filled with ingredient bottles and limes, surrounded by cocktail-making accessories

    14. A Paper Bee Monthly Subscription Box filled with stationery, greeting cards, and notepads for the lover who thinks handwritten letters are far superior to emails (so romantic!). If they didn't already spend 96.8% of their time with you, they'd send you a super cute thank you note for your A+ gifting skills.

    stationery accessories, including pencils, cards, a planner, and a pin

    15. A Finders Seekers Mystery Game subscription that'll keep any puzzle lover on their toes. Each puzzle is based in a different city, and provides 2-4 hours of mystery-solving fun for ages 10+ — and, it even comes with an escape room challenge! I foresee many a fun date night in your future...

    16. A Hive Life Bee Box subscription to show your beloved just how sweet you think they are. Each box comes with a jar of seasonal honey, beeswax candles, and other assorted gifts for a total of five items each month.

    The Hive Life Bee Box containing a jar of honey, beeswax candles, facial wipes, and a bee sticker

    17. A *mystery* subscription box for your unpredictable partner who delights in spontaneity and surprises. Each box centers around a different theme and includes a plethora of fun crafting accessories — past themes have included everything from astronomy (pictured) to animals!

    The astronomy box filled with stickers, stamps, tapes, papers, and other accessories

    18. An Earrings of the Month Club subscription to keep your darling's accessory collection at the top of its game. They'll receive not one, but TWO pairs of themed handmade earrings each month!

    Fifteen assorted pairs of earrings hanging on an earring holder

    19. A Cosmic Crystal Box subscription that'll make them look forward to a little sparkle every month. They'll receive either one large crystal or an assortment of smaller ones in every box, along with information about each.

    The Cosmic Crystal Box next to six assorted stones, a crystal pendant, and an identification card

    20. And, a Fruit For Thought subscription box to let them know you think they're peachy keen and the apple of your eye. This adorable box is curated with a different fruit in mind each month, and contains items like stationery, bath and beauty products, snacks, jewelry, and any other accessories that seem ripe for the picking.

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