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Here's How I Unstuck Myself From A Weeknight Rut

It can be so easy to get caught up in the same boring ol' routine — especially when you have kids to take care of — but making an effort to prevent weeknight banality is totally worth it. Here are some ideas that, bonus, don't even require you leave the house!

Rhianon Hoffman • One year ago

Here's Why You Need A Letterboard In Your Home

Because it's time to upgrade that dry-erase board.

Rhianon Hoffman • One year ago

I Wanted To See If The New Teddy Ruxpin Is As Creepy As He Used To Be

Decades later, Teddy 2.0 is app-friendly and still a hit with kids.

Emmy Favilla • One year ago

This Toy Makes My Kids Super Excited About Reading, And I've Already Bought Three

The LeapFrog LeapReader teaches reading skills and will actually entertain your kid for a hot minute.

Rhianon Hoffman • One year ago

This $17 Clock Lets You Give The Gift Of Sleep To An Exhausted Parent

Because a solid night's sleep is at the top of everyone's list.

Rhianon Hoffman • One year ago

6 Must-Have Beauty Items Under $10 For People Who Hate Getting Ready

I see your lightning-fast morning routine and raise it a super-cheap one!

Rhianon Hoffman • One year ago