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15 Projects Every Australian Made In Primary School Art

Grab one of Dad's old t-shirts because it's art time.

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1. Shoebox dioramas

You always found out that you were making dioramas the day after your mum had thrown out her shoebox stockpile.

2. Self-portraits

An important part of your childhood was drawing yourself. Sometimes the anatomy was a little off, but it was fun and self-indulgent nonetheless.

3. Magazine cut-out collages

From a young age we were taught this technique to basically make ransom notes.

4. Easter parade hats

Aside from eating chocolate, the best part about Easter was making these sweet hats and then parading around to show them off.


5. 3D shape drawings

Drawing shapes felt like a glorified geometry lesson, although it was pretty cool making 3D art on 2D paper.

6. Paper mosaic collages

Some of the best art projects started with a teacher dropping some boxes of torn up paper in front of you, and letting you do whatever you wanted with them.

7. Clay sculptures

There was something so fascinating about knowing that your art was going to be blasted at a high heat and come out still looking okay.


9. Map tracing

This was more geography than it was art and everyone knew it. It could have been interesting if it didn't involve drawing the exact same thing over and over again.

10. Charcoal drawings

If you could get over the uncomfortable sound of scratching charcoal and the black marks it left down your hands, these projects were pretty fun.

11. Handprint painting

The best art projects involved getting your hands dirty, literally. Bonus points if it was for a mural.

12. Watercolour drawings

The great watercolour pencil debate: Do you wet the pencil and then draw, or draw and go over it with a wet brush?


13. Chatterboxes

The ultimate fortune tellers, and one of the only projects worth recreating in your spare time. Nothing to do? Time to crack out a piece of paper and make a chatterbox.

14. Paddle Pop stick people

This was the second best thing you could do with a Paddle Pop stick, behind eat an ice-cream off of it.

15. Christmas art

Since Christmas art covered pretty much every medium, it's best described as everything you made in the last week of school. Whether you made cards or stockings, it was always a great time of year.