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Holy Shit, "Parks And Rec" May Have Accurately Predicted A Cubs World Series Win

"And obviously everyone's in a really great mood now because of the Cubs winning the Series." — Lucy

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In the final season of Parks and Rec, which was set during the summer of 2017, Tom and Andy go to Chicago so Tom can reconnect with his ex-girlfriend Lucy.

As Lucy shows the guys around Chicago, she casually mentions that the city is still riding the high of a World Series win.

There is a chance Lucy predicted the future #ParksandRec

Natalie Morales, who plays Tom's love interest Lucy, tweeted this a few days ago.


Well, it just so happens that for the FIRST TIME SINCE 1945, the Cubs have made it to the World Series!!!

Jamie Squire / Getty Images

However, they lost Game One against the Cleveland Indians on Monday, Oct. 25.

Will Parks and Rec be proved right in the end? Only time will tell.

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