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    These Quizzes Will Turn Your Boring "No Bones" Day Into An Extravagant "No Bones" Day

    Or maybe it is a bones day but you, yourself, are having a "no bones" day 🦴.

    ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of fun personality and trivia quizzes — in one place for your convenience. These quizzes are here for you to take when Noodle says it's okay to stay in bed, and when he says that it's quite alright to call out of work.

    So be kind to yourself. Take some quizzes.

    2. Your Darkest Secret Will Be Revealed by Your Pie Choices

    Strawberry rhubarb pie and pumpkin pie
    Getty Images

    Secrets inside the pie. Take the quiz here. 

    4. Everyone Is 50% Disney Princess and 50% Literary Character — Here's Your Combo

    Elsa from "Frozen" / Bella from "Twilight"
    Disney / Lionsgate

    Let's see who you *really* are! Take the quiz here.

    5. Buy an Outfit in Every Color and We'll Tell You Which "Friends" Character You Truly Embody

    Rachel from "Friends" and woman in a yellow outfit
    Warner Bros. / Unsplash

    If you're super stylish, you're probably a Rachel! Take the quiz here.

    6. Pick Starbucks Food and Drink Items From All Over the World and We'll Guess if You're a Fire, Earth, Water, or Air Sign

    Syrniki and Lavender Cafe Breve

    A red velvet Frappuccino? That's ~so~ Aries of you ♈️. Take the quiz here.

    7. Let's Pretend You Just Got Cast in a Rom-Com — What's Your Role?

    Wanda from "WandaVision" in her halloween costume / Dr. Spencer Reid from "Criminal Minds"
    Disney Plus / CBS

    You've got main character energy 💖. Take the quiz here. 

    9. Everyone Has a Specific Fall Aesthetic — What's Yours?

    Witchwave / Ancient Academia
    Getty Images

    There are six kinds of people during fall, and I know exactly which one you are 🍂. Take the quiz here. 

    10. Could You Make It Across and Survive the Glass Bridge From "Squid Game"?

    Squid Game scenes. Glass bridge, Gi-hyun saying "I'm screwed" during Dalgona

    See if you'd die, but from the safety of your own couch. Take the quiz here. 

    11. Pick a Bunch of Food for a Halloween Party and We'll Guess Your Deepest Fear

    Spooky cake and spooky pigs in a blanket
    Getty Images

    The only thing we have to fear is fear itself...and spiders. Take the quiz here. 

    12. Eat at This Bougie Buffet and We'll Accurately Guess Your Eye Color

    Blue = pesto pasta / Green = cinnamon buns

    *Eye* know you probably won't believe us, but it's true! Take the quiz here. 

    13. Pick a Bunch of Warm and Cozy Fall Foods and We'll Guess Your Favorite Kind of Weather

    Pumpkin donuts / Linus from "Peanuts" in the snow.
    Getty Images

    The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time! Take the quiz here.

    14. Plan Your Dream Proposal to Find Out Which Marvel Guy Is Proposing to You

    Wedding ring / Chris Evans
    Unsplash / WireImage

    If Tom Holland proposed, I'd say yes in a heartbeat. Take the quiz here.

    15. Pick a Food for Each of These 7 Colors and We'll Reveal Your Generation

    Sushi / Red Velvet Cake
    Getty Images

    Raise your hand if you're hungry! Take the quiz here.

    16. Create a New Disney Princess and We'll Tell You When You'll Get Engaged

    Woman in pretty green dress / Calendar with heart around the 14th

    Elsa this, Anna that. Let's talk about someone new for a change! Take the quiz here. 

    17. All Rich Kids Had a Garage Fridge, so This Garage Fridge Simulation Will Give You Your Bougie Percentage

    Meat / Otter pops
    Getty Images

    A garage fridge is the modern-day equivalent of the Cave of Wonders. Take the quiz here.

    18. A Lot of People Think These Behaviors Are Rude, but I Wanna Know How You Feel About Them

    Taylor Swift with "Karen" hair on SNL and someone knocking on door and showing up unannounced
    SNL / Getty Images

    I don't know if putting an empty bottle back in the fridge is rude, but it's definitely something... Take the quiz here. 

    19. Which Type of Bread Are You?

    Different types of bread in a pile
    Getty Images

    No knead to worry. Take the quiz here.

    22. Let's See Which "Cinderella" Cinematic Universe You Belong In

    Brandy / Cinderella
    ABC / Disney

    I belong in Brandy's Cinderella or it's a bust. Take the quiz here.

    23. Build a House and We'll Tell You the Color of Your Soul

    Pink soul with white couch and tall windows; gold soul with peach couch and soft paintings

    Well, well, well... Take the quiz here. 

    24. What % Dead Inside Are You Really?

    Ice cream brownie drink / Rachel from "Friends"

    I. Need. Coffeeeee. Take the quiz here.