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    Everyone Is Obsessed With This Pug And His "No Bones" Because He Basically Started The New Groundhog Day

    To have or not to have bones.

    It feels like every month, TikTok has a new favorite main character.

    A pug lounging on the ground with it's human

    Well, this month, that main character is Noodle, a 13-year-old pug in New York City.

    It all started when Noodle's human, Jonathan Graziano, began posting videos back in August about Noodle's morning routine. The first one immediately went viral.

    In that video, Jonathan jokes, "You're just in time for another round of 'No Bones,' which is a game where we find out if Noodle has bones or not."

    Jonathan told BuzzFeed that he and Noodle have been going through this routine for a while and he had "no idea people would latch on and get attached."

    Waiting to see if Noodle is having a “bones day” or a “no bones day” has almost become a ritual for pretty much all of TikTok.

    People are seriously out here letting an elderly pug determine the outcome of their day.

    Jonathan doesn't post every morning, but when he does, many users on the app anxiously await Noodle's verdict on the mood of the day.

    Jonathan said he's not surprised by Noodle's fame because he's a "supernova talent," but he has been surprised by the popularity of "no bones."

    Jonathan excitedly looking at the camera as Noodle sits in front of him

    The best news is that today (Oct. 18, 2021) is a bones day!! So go out and get those bones moving! Call your mom! Eat some good soup! Dance 'til your heart is happy!

    Noodles demonstrating that on this fine day he has bones