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    This Artist Made Adorable Illustrations For Some Of The Best Pickup Lines

    You're going to want to try these.

    Let's face it, everyone likes being hit on with a good ol' cheesy pickup line from time to time.

    And now, thanks to graphic designer Alyssa Duhe, pickup lines are a little less cringe-worthy.

    Alyssa's Tumblr account, A Daily Pickup Line, features her own original doodles paired with old and new pickup lines. Trust us, she has a witty line and artwork for just about everyone.

    1. Like for the Disney enthusiast:

    2. Or for the passionate online dater:

    3. For the tech genius:

    4. And for the Jurassic Park lover:

    5. For the sports fanatic:

    6. For the ego booster:

    7. For the ocean lover:

    8. And for the one with the sweet tooth:

    9. For the adorable nerd:

    10. For the frisky one:

    11. Or for the relationship seeker:

    12. For the person with their priorities straight:

    13. For the science buff:

    14. Or for the brilliant writer:

    15. For the Star Wars fan:

    16. For the one looking for their true match:

    17. And finally, for the avid reader:

    Alyssa told BuzzFeed that since starting her Tumblr account, her pickup lines have just kept getting more and more off-the-wall. Her main rule is "The sillier the better."

    For more silly pickup lines and illustrations, check out Alyssa's Tumblr and Instagram.