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    19 Things You'll Probably Only Ever See In Vegas

    What happens in Vegas only ~sometimes~ stays in Vegas.

    1. Las Vegas is the only place where you'll see Mario and Luigi in their natural element.

    2. Where walking around with a little souvenir from the night before isn't so shameful.

    3. Where this will happen if you fall asleep in public:

    4. Where you'll see three, I repeat, three, rattails in a row.

    5. Where all trash cans are actually designated puke bins.

    6. It's the only place where this would happen:

    7. It's really the only place where people are completely honest.

    8. Where you'll see this billboard:

    9. Where you'll see this particular hairdo:

    10. It's the only place where you'll see a spectacle like this:

    11. Or even this one:

    12. It's also probably the only place where you would see this questionably named restaurant:

    13. Or where you'd witness Donald Duck spittin' game.

    Who would have known Donald Duck could be so smooth.

    14. Where you can find abandoned shoes on every corner.

    15. Where you spot people napping in fountains.

    16. And people wearing balloon animals like this:

    17. It's really the only place where you could potentially eat your weight x 100 in buffet food.

    18. Where you might go shopping NINE days a week.

    19. And, finally, dress like this simply because you want to!