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22 Little Things Teenage Girls Were Obsessed With Doing In 2004

Saying "Boo, you whore."

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1. Searching for a boy that would kiss you like Chad Michael Murray kissed Hilary Duff in A Cinderella Story.

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"Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought, useless and disappointing."

2. Paying to see The Notebook in theaters several times just to witness your favorite scene on the big screen again.

New Line Cinema

Your little teen self was probably too young at the time to realize how big of an impact this movie would have on your entire life and being.

6. Listening to Jesse McCartney's "Beautiful Soul" on repeat until your fingers felt like they would break off from snapping so many times.

9. Setting up TiVo timers so that you wouldn't miss your favorite shows when your mom or dad took over the television set.

20. Ranting to parents, friends, and ANYONE who would listen about how bad McDonald's is for you.

Roadside Attractions

Super Size Me was the first food documentary that truly changed your life.


Oops! The song mentioned in number four is actually titled "The Rose." An earlier version of this post misstated the title.

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