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    If You're Excited For Fall, You'll Appreciate These 20 Jackets

    I'm already dreaming about PSL season.

    1. A jean jacket that'll become a staple in your wardrobe this fall. It has some stretch in it for comfortability, as well as buttoned tabs on the back so you can adjust the waist.

    a person wearing a denim jacket with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans

    2. A fleece shirt-jacket, because it's just so trendy rn. This baby will definitely keep you warm (and stylish!) when the temperature drops.

    a person wearing the flannel shirt jacket with a t-shirt, white pants, and converse

    3. A long zip-up jacket that you'll want to wear all autumn long. It has spacious pockets that'll keep your hands cozy, and a drawstring you can use to cinch it at the waist.

    4. A faux-leather trench coat that's under $100? Yes, please! It has a ribbon belt so you can tie it at the waist for that classic trench ~lewk~.

    a person with the jacket draped over their shoulders

    5. A puffer jacket that'll go with just about anything in your closet. It does up with snap closures and has subtle side pockets you can use to carry your personal belongings.

    a person wearing the puffer jacket

    6. A plaid button-up jacket that'll let you embrace your inner lumberjack. Reviewers say it's stylish, comfy, and super soft, too.

    a person taking a photo of themselves in a mirror wearing the jacket

    7. A cute twill jacket that's equal parts practical and chic. It's the perfect piece to layer when it gets chilly outside.

    a person wearing the twill jacket with jeans and sandals

    8. A corduroy jacket that'll have you sipping pumpkin spice lattes in style. Reviewers say it's ultra soft and love that it has super deep pockets.

    a person sitting on a stool wearing the corduroy jacket with checkered pants and rain boots

    9. A zip-up bomber jacket, because it's sleek and chic as heck. It'll be a great addition to your going-out wardrobe, especially for evenings on a patio with your pals.

    a person wearing the jacket with jeans and a t-shirt

    10. A button-up jacket that's just as sweet as it is simple. It has a faux-leather panel across the shoulders that gives it texture and dimension.

    a person wearing the jacket with black pants

    11. A floral utility jacket that'll impress you with the details. The embroidered flowers, gold buttons, and corduroy collar? 10/10.

    a person wearing the jacket

    12. A cropped jacket that'll feel as cozy as your favourite blanket. It's slouchy in the best way possible, with stylish detailing on the elbows.

    13. A lapel jacket that'll accompany you on autumn strolls and date nights. It'll be the perfect jacket to wear when you feel like dressing up a bit.

    a person wearing the lapel jacket with boots and jeans

    14. A patterned adidas windbreaker that'll add a whole lot of spunk to your wardrobe. It's super lightweight so you won't overheat, even in the afternoon sun.

    a person wearing a funky patterned adidas windbreaker

    15. An ultra-cropped camo jacket that'll spice up your usual look. It has a raw hem and two fold-over pockets that'll make any outfit you pair it with a little more unique.

    a person wearing a cropped camo jacket

    16. A cute rain jacket that'll come in handy when the weather takes a turn. It has a breathable mesh lining that'll prevent your skin from sticking to its water-resistant shell.

    a person wearing the rain jacket

    17. A blazer-inspired jacket that'll have you looking professional all season long. It doesn't have any buttons or zippers, just a simple belt you can tie around the waist.

    a person wearing the jacket

    18. A dark denim jacket that'll keep you looking stylish, even on casual outings to the grocery store. It'll look great on top of just about anything.

    a person wearing the jacket with a matching denim skirt

    19. A faux-leather biker jacket that'll make you feel like a certified baddie the moment you put it on. It has two zip-up pockets that'll help make sure your credit cards and lip balm won't get lost while you're out and about.

    a person wearing the jacket over a shirt and a skirt

    20. And finally, an adidas track jacket that'll add a pop of colour to your fall rotation. We stan a statement piece!

    a person wearing the track jacket with matching pants

    TBH, I cannot WAIT for those tiny pumpkins.

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