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    21 Back-To-School Products From Indigo That Might Actually Make You Excited To Study

    Can you believe it's almost September!?

    1. This bento-style lunch box that'll keep your snacks and meal ingredients from getting squished. It comes with a small lidded container that's perfect for salad dressing, sauce, or anything that might spill.

    a person pulling out one of the compartments of the bento box lunch box

    2. This pack of ballpoint pens that are treated with silver phosphate glass for an antibacterial effect. It comes with three pens (one with blue ink, one with black ink, and one with red ink) so you can easily colour code your notes.

    three pens on a blue background

    3. This chic backpack that won't cramp your style this semester. It's equipped with a padded compartment that'll fit a 13-inch laptop, as well as a discrete front zip pocket you can stash your phone in.

    a person wearing a leather backpack

    4. A floral notepad and matching pencil case so you can rock up to your first day of school feeling cute and coordinated. The pad has thick, unlined pages so you can use it as a sketchbook, too.

    5. This monthly dry erase board that'll help you keep track of assignments, tests, and group meetings. It has a corkboard beneath the calendar that you can pin up memos or cute photos.

    the monthly dry erase board with two magnets, cork board, and dry erase marker

    6. This super cute thermos that'll keep your lunch warm for up to six hours. If you plan on bringing your own meals to school most days, this baby is a must.

    an insulated thermos

    7. A pack of gel pens so you can amp up your note taking and decorate the pages of your agenda.

    a pack of eight coloured gel pens

    8. This academic calendar that'll help you keep your due dates and presentations in order. It's foldable so you can shove it in your backpack or pocket to reference whenever you need to.

    a fold up calendar to track due dates with stickers

    9. A set of highlighters that'll make studying a breeze. Their tips are chiselled so you won't make a mess even if the text you're highlighting is teeny.

    five various coloured highlighters next to drawn lines

    10. This chic tumbler so you can pass on disposable cups whenever you need to re-up on caffeine. It comes with a silicone sleeves that'll save you from scorching your hands.

    a ceramic tumbler with a silicone lid and holder

    11. This floral notebook that has four tabs built right into it so you can keep your subjects separated. Each section has a different style of paper (lined, dotted, blank, and gridded), meaning you won't need to carry a bunch of different notepads this year.

    a note book with three tabs

    12. This decorative tape set so you can keep your agenda and bullet journals looking fresh as heck.

    three rolls of decorative tape

    13. This silicone sandwich bag that'll save you from repurchasing the usual disposable ones all the time. It's freezer and microwave safe so you can use it to stash any kind of snack!

    a person holding the reusable silicone bag with almonds inside

    14. This stylish pencil case so you can keep all of your precious stationery in one place. It has a faux leather label where you can write your name so it won't get mixed up with anyone else's.

    a pencil case with two zippers and a spot to write your name

    15. A Herschel backpack that'll come in handy for study seshes and trips to the library. It's extra roomy so you won't have to double up on bags if you've got a lot to carry.

    16. A trio of magnetic bookmarks so you can stop bending your pages and losing the spot you left off on.

    three floral magnetic book marks

    17. This birch wood laptop stand that’ll help you sit up a little straighter if your current setup is less than ergonomic. It has slits across its surface so your laptop won't overheat while you use it.

    18. Or this cork laptop desk that'll turn any surface into a study space. It'll elevate your laptop so you won't have to slump over so much.

    a laptop and pen on top of the cork laptop desk

    19. A set of lined workbooks that'll have you taking notes in style. Each one is hole-punched so you can insert them into your three-ring binder.

    three stylish workbooks

    20. This accordion file folder that'll keep all of your loose notes and important slips organized. It comes with an elastic loop that'll keep it secure when it's shut.

    vibrant folders inside of a folder

    21. And finally, this vibrant agenda that'll come in handy if your time management skills are minimal to non-existent (like mine are!).

    Happy back-to-school shopping, y'all!

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