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    19 Shirts And Sweaters That’ll Prepare You To Go Back To School In Style

    Calling all college students.

    1. A ribbed turtleneck that's stretchy, stylish, and studious — and sure to become a staple in your autumn wardrobe.

    a person wearing the fitted turtleneck with a pair of jeans

    2. A knit T-shirt that'll come in handy when you need to dress up for presentations or student council meetings. It'll also be a great layering piece when the temperature drops.

    a person wearing a knit t-shirt with jeans

    3. A sweat-wicking cropped top that'll get you to the gym after class without having to change your clothes. It's stretchy, breathable, and super cute, too.

    a person wearing the patterned workout t-shirt

    4. A cropped crewneck that'll look 10/10 at the next student event. If you're a fan of vibrant colours, this baby belongs in your closet.

    a person wearing the striped crew neck with a pair of jeans

    5. An adidas hoodie that you'll probably never want to take off. It's classic, comfy, and stylish — I mean, what more could you possibly want?

    a person wearing the adidas hoodie with stripes down the sleeve

    6. An adorable smocked blouse that'll go with just about anything in your closet. The sleeves pucker at the wrist for a slightly puffed look and have ruffled detailing at the shoulders for added texture.

    a person wearing the half-button up blouse while wearing a pair of sunglasses

    7. A floral T-shirt that'll become your go-to on days spent studying at the library. Comfy and stylish? Yes, please.

    a t-shirt with a moon and flowers on it

    8. A rib-knit polo sweater that's soft, stretchy, and cozy. You'll definitely want to wear it before sports events or other outdoor gatherings.

    a person wearing the striped polo sweater with a skirt

    9. A cropped top that you'll be tempted to wear to every party this semester. The subtle detailing along the neckline and buttons will have everyone wondering where you got it.

    a person wearing the cropped shirt with a pair of jeans

    10. A super-cute sweater vest that'll make you feel as put together as Elle Woods. You can layer it with a dress shirt, T-shirt, sweater, or even wear it on its own.

    a person wearing the vest with a button-up shirt and a pair of loafers

    11. A button-up blouse that'll come in handy at formal events or one-on-one meetings with your professors. Reviewers say the fabric is super soft and that it'll go with just about anything.

    a person wearing the blouse with jeans

    12. A tie-dye polo that'll look fab in and after class. It's the perfect piece to wear with a pair of jeans on any day of the week.

    a person wearing the tie-dye polo with a pair of jeans

    13. A short-sleeved blouse that you can dress up or down, depending on the occasion. The neck and shoulders are elasticized for an ultra-comfy fit.

    a person wearing the short-sleeved blouse with a pair of denim jeans

    14. A stretchy zip-up sweater that'll help you make sure you're on trend this semester. It has two zippers you can use to adjust the neck and crop lines.

    a person wearing the double zip sweater

    15. A denim button-up shirt that'll look cute and casual while you're strolling through campus this September. It ties in the front so you can adjust how cropped it is.

    a person wearing the tie-up denim t-shirt with linen pants

    16. A striped dress shirt that's so versatile, you'll probably wear it all the time. You can layer it, belt it, tuck it into a pair of high-waisted jeans — the choice is yours!

    a person wearing the striped dress shirt tucked into jeans

    17. A button-up T-shirt that'll get you ready to sit front row at your favourite lecture. It's soft, lightweight, and has a cute side pocket, too.

    a person wearing the t-shirt button-up tucked into a pair of jeans

    18. A halter-neck tank top that'll come in handy on warmer days in the lecture hall. You can definitely layer it with a cute cardigan, too.

    a person wearing the tank with a pair of jeans

    19. And finally, a comfy hoodie that'll keep you swaddled and cozy while you study for your next exam. With a relaxed fit, this baby will help you feel chill as heck — even if you've got a lot on your plate this semester.

    a person wearing a big hoodie

    Have fun this September, y'all!

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