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    20 Summery Birthday Gifts You'll Want To Keep For Yourself

    For all the lucky ones who get to celebrate in the summer!

    1. A cold brew maker, so they can make their own icy drinks at home this summer. It'll strain their coffee through an extra-fine reusable filter, so they won't end up with grounds in their glass.

    a pitcher of iced coffee on a cutting board

    2. A cute throw blanket that'll brighten up their couch or bed. They can also use it as a picnic blanket, to give them somewhere a little more comfortable than the ground to plant their tush.

    four throw blankets on a table

    3. This unicorn float that'll probably be the centre of attention at their next pool party. Grab them a pack of rings, too, so y'all can play a game of ring toss using the unicorn's horn.

    A person sitting on the unicorn float

    4. A picnic set that comes with everything they'll need to enjoy an outdoor spread. It'll make planning for park dates or beach days a heck of a lot easier when it comes to packing for the day.

    The contents of the picnic set

    5. A vacuum-insulated water bottle that is so stylish, they'll tote it around wherever they go. It's totally leakproof, and will keep their water icy even when it's super hot out.

    The shiny waterbottle on the edge of a pool

    6. A Spikeball set that'll give them something to do while they hang in the park with their pals. It's an active two-on-two game that requires "spiking" the ball onto the net so it ricochets toward their opponent, with a few rules that'll make it equal parts fun and challenging.

    The spikeball balls, net, and carrying bag

    7. A metal plant hanger, if they love decorating their space with greenery. You might want to pair it with a trailing plant or succulent, so they can use it right away.

    a plant inside of the hanging metal planter

    8. A split-level cheese board that comes with serving utensils nestled into the bottom tier. You might want to hit up your local market and set them up with some delicious charcuterie ingredients, too!

    A split cheese board with three utensils in the bottom half

    9. A stylish fanny pack that'll carry all of their go-to items when they don't want to lug around their usual handbag.

    a person wearing the fanny pack

    10. A set of giant floral wall decals that'll add a little bit of summer to whatever space they put them in. And taking photos in front of 'em? 10/10.

    big flower stickers on a wall above a couch

    11. This insulated bottle and tumblers set that'll keep their summer bevies (for two!) chilled all day long, even on a sweltering afternoon at the beach.

    two tumblers next to an insulated bottle

    12. This funky neon light that'll give their apartment a sunny island vibe. Reviewers say it's super vibrant and love that it can be powered by USB or batteries, so they can put it anywhere.

    a palm tree shaped neon light

    13. A portable espresso maker, so they can still have their Americano, even when they're off adventuring in the woods. All they'll have to do is scoop their grinds into the filter basket, pour their boiled water into the tank, and press the pump.

    A person holding the portable espresso maker

    14. This 10-in-1 tool that is colour coded for ~fashion~ and ease of use. They can bring it along on bike rides, or use it for a quick fix that doesn't require busting out their entire toolbox.

    A person using the multi-purpose tool on their bike seat

    15. A stylish stainless steel watering can that'll save them from throwing water at their plants with a mug. It's got a super-long spout, so they can fully saturate the soil in their beloved herb garden.

    The stainless steel watering can with a long spout on a table next to a plant

    16. A jewellery stand that'll save their go-to summer necklaces from getting tangled up in their jewellery box. They can use it to display their collection of face masks (it's great for air drying them, too!).

    a jewelry stand with face masks hanging off of it

    17. An insulated thermos they can bring along on morning hikes and other outdoor adventures. This thing is big, so they'll definitely be able to share it with their partner.

    A person holding the large Stanely thermos

    18. A set of colourful LED wheel lights that'll significantly increase their nighttime visibility (and make them look like a literal rave on wheels). Reviewers say installation is effortless and that the lights are super vibrant.

    Two people riding bikes in the dark with bright lights on their wheels

    19. This wall tapestry that'll bring a little sunshine into their space. It comes with mounting materials, so they won't need to buy extra stuff in order to hang it up.

    a tapestry hung on a wall with a sun and rays painted onto it

    20. And finally, a LifeStraw, if they love camping and the great outdoors. It'll filter bacteria, parasites, and microplastics out of contaminated water as it travels through the straw's microfiltration membrane. Plus, it's super light and easy to pack, which makes it the perfect tool for backcountry camping.

    A person drinking river water out of the LifeStraw

    Happy birthday, summer bebs!

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