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    20 Fun And Fresh Things You'll Want By The Pool This Summer

    ♫ Just keep swimming, just keep swimming ♫

    1. This unicorn float that'll probably be the centre of attention at your next pool party. You can even grab a pack of rings and play a game of ring toss using the unicorn's horn.

    A person sitting on the unicorn float

    2. A padded pool mat, so you can lay back and relax while you soak up those rays. You can set it up in three ways: as a full-body mat, a cushioned seat, or a lounger with a headrest — the choice is yours!

    A person lying on the beach lounging mat

    3. A floating LED pool light that'll upgrade your evening swims. You can set it so it changes colours, so you can enjoy a poolside light show.

    a group of pool lights in some water

    4. A pair of Crocs, so you can comfortably strut around the pool. Reviewers say they're super comfy and easy to clean, and love that they're waterproof.

    A person lifting their legs toward the sky showing off their crocs

    5. A funky beach towel with a bold and vibrant pattern, so you'll always know which one is yours. It's made with absorbent terry-loop cotton that'll help you dry off before you catch a chill.

    Three hanging towels with vibrant floral patterns on each

    6. This water-resistant Neutrogena SPF 50 sunscreen stick that'll keep the sun from damaging the sensitive skin on your face. It's super sheer, so it won't leave a weird white cast on your face like so many other SPFs tend to do.

    A stick of Neutrogena sunscreen on a table surrounded by sunglasses, a leaf, and a tablecloth

    7. This inflatable hammock that'll let you lounge in the water without sinking to the bottom. Reviewers love how compact it is when it's deflated and say it's easy to bring along to the beach, too.

    A person lying in the inflatable pool hammock

    8. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker that'll suction onto any tiled wall, so you can listen to your favourite tunes while you go for a swim, without worrying that it'll short out.

    The bluetooth speaker on a wall in a shower

    9. This insulated bottle and tumblers set that'll keep your summer bevvies (for two!) chilled all day long, even on a sweltering-hot afternoon in the sun.

    An insulated bottle next to two insulated wine tumblers

    10. A water-resistant mat, in case you plan on having a poolside picnic. It conveniently folds into a mini pouch, so you can transport it easily.

    A checkered picnic mat folded into a pouch

    11. A deck of waterproof cards, so you can play in the water without worrying about 'em getting wrecked.

    Waterproof plastic cards

    12. A pair of adidas slides, so you can hang by the pool and go for a stroll afterward, without having to change your shoes. Cute and comfy? Yes, please.

    the slides on a gym bag

    13. This adorable loon float that'll let you truly embrace a Canadian summer. This baby is big, so you and another person can float around on it together.

    a person sitting on a loon-shaped float in a lake

    14. This brilliant insect repeller, so you won't have to smother yourself in bug spray every time you want to enjoy a sunset swim. It'll provide a 15-foot radius of protection that'll keep those pesky mosquitos the heck away from you.

    The mosquito repelling device on a patio table

    15. A vibrant outdoor pillow that'll make your deck even more comfortable (and stylish) to hang out on. It's weather-resistant, so it won't be the end of the world if they get splashed by water.

    A person holding four vibrant pillows

    16. A set of jumbo clips that'll save your favourite swimsuits from flying away while they're hanging outside to dry. They're also great for keeping your towel from blowing off your lounge chair while you go for a dip.

    Four colourful clips holding a towel

    17. A giant jute pouf that'll look great by the pool, or even in your living room. Pair it with a cute serving tray and voilà! You've got yourself a rustic table that'll match the rest of your boho decor.

    A large round jute pouf

    18. A two-person hammock, so you and your favourite person can lounge together in the sun after a swim. It comes with hanging chains you can use to set it up on a stand or between two beams on your deck.

    A quilted hammock wide enough for two people

    19. This avocado float that'll upgrade your next pool sesh. Its "pit" is actually a beach ball that you can use to play with when you're not busing 'laxing on its base.

    people playing around the avocado float and tossing the pit beach ball

    20. And finally, this tufted lounge cushion that'll come in handy as extra seating by the pool. Your furry pals might enjoy lazing around on it, too.

    A tufted cushion meant for sitting on

    Embracing this energy this summer:

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